What are we truly to believe about the Islamic faith? Is it basically a "religion of peace?"

From Our Archives: The Mysterious World of Islam

In a Charisma article from 2002, we asked a panel of experts to help us understand what Muslims really believe. And since there is no greater experience for a Muslim than tasting the agape love of God, shouldn't we be praying diligently for them?

Pain is as mysterious as it is common.

Help, God! It Hurts!

None of us can escape pain. Our loving heavenly Father wants us to learn and grow during times of suffering.

A scene from "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"

Cindy Jacobs: What's Wrong With Harry Potter?

Cindy Jacobs asks the question, "Why are books of the Harry Potter-type so dangerous?" To begin with, they have changed the basis of what we consider normative in our culture.

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Steve Strang interviews Tammy Bakker in 1991.

Tammy Bakker: The Other Side of the PTL Story

In this article in the March 1991 issue of Charisma, Tammy Bakker shares information she says the media left out of the scandal that rocked the Christian world in the early 1990s.

Stars above

This Man Sees God in the Stars

Evolutionists despise him, and some Christians don't agree with his views on Earth's beginnings. But Hugh Ross—like no other man of faith—is taking the gospel to the scientific community.

So-called Christians aren't immune to a lack of integrity and bad character.

Does Your Walk Match Your Talk?

Lack of character has given today's Christians a bad rap—for good reason. It's time for us to take on the true image of Christ.

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