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Already recognized as one of the nation's most influential Hispanic leaders, Samuel Rodriguez's profile increased last year via a merger of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and the Fraternity of Latino Evangelical Churches (NHCLC-CONEL).

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SID ROTH: Discovering the 'Real' Jesus

For 40 years Sid Roth has encountered the Holy Spirit in dramatic ways, but even he was astonished by what happened on two recent trips to Jerusalem.

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JONATHAN CAHN: Grabbing the World's Attention Through Words

He gave the keynote address at the Presidential Inaugural Prayer Breakfast in 2013. He was recently invited to speak at the United Nations on behalf of persecuted Christians. Now more than 7 million people have viewed his latest speech on Capitol Hill.

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JACK HAYFORD: Bridge Builder and Spiritual Mentor

Jack Hayford is the founding pastor of Southern California's The Church on The Way, served a term as president of the Foursquare Church, and is known as a bridge builder and spiritual mentor to numerous leaders.

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RICK WARREN: 'An Incredible Impact on Our Generation'

He's the author of The Purpose Driven Life, a book that simultaneously hit No. 1 on the four major best-seller lists when it was released in 2002 and went on to sell more than 32 million copies.

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LUIS PALAU: The Latin American Billy Graham

Full of enthusiasm at 80, the fiery, Argentina-born evangelist is as familiar in his native Latin America and other places as he is in the U.S., having preached to more than 30 million people in 75 nations.

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JOHN HAGEE: Blowing the Shofar for Israel

Quick, can you name the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States? No, it's not B'nai Brith, the Jewish National Fund or Zionists of America. It's Christians United for Israel (CUFI).

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A.R. BERNARD: A Trumpet for Racial Reconciliation

A banker for 10 years before starting a storefront church in Brooklyn, A.R. Bernard is one of the few religious leaders today with the ear of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio.

John and Carol Arnott

JOHN & CAROL ARNOTT: New Wine 'Bartenders'

Some call them "bartenders." They serve "new wine" to desperately dry Christians who fly in from all over the world just to get refilled. John and Carol Arnott simply encourage them to "take another drink."

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