Will Taliban's Victory Over US Embolden Terrorists Worldwide?

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The world has watched in dismay as the Afghanistan tragedy has played out over the past several weeks. The situation doesn't surprise end-times expert Michael Snyder, who has predicted crises like this for years—and he says it has the potential for an increase of terrorism across the globe.

"The military operation is done; the military rescue is done," he tells Dr. Steve Greene on a recent episode of Greenelines on the Charisma Podcast Network. "Now, some private people and some ex-Special Forces people are attempting to go in and pull people out. But this is the job of our government: to keep Americans safe. What a disgrace; what a shame.

"Basically, this is an embarrassment in front of the whole world," Snyder says. "It's the biggest foreign policy debacle in modern American history. ... what people need to understand is that now the whole world is seeing, basically, this is an 'Emperor Has No Clothes' moment, where the whole world is seeing that America is weak. We've got weak leadership; we've got incompetent leadership; we don't want to fight. We've been defeated by the Taliban. And what that's going to do is inspire every terrorist group around the world, saying, 'If the Taliban did it, we can do it too.'

"It's going to embolden China, where China has been looking at invading Taiwan for decades, but they've always held back because they think, Well, the United States will ride to the rescue, right?" he adds. "But now in just in the last few days, China has been mocking leaders in Taiwan, saying, 'Look, they abandoned their friends in Afghanistan; they're going to abandon you too.' ... this could be potentially be the trigger for the ultimate crisis that leads to a state of conflict flight between the United States and China that I warned about in Lost Prophecies of the Future of America."

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Snyder says the U.S. failure in Afghanistan is setting the stage for the future. "It's going to embolden Russia; Russia could get more aggressive. It could embolden North Korea to potentially say, 'The United States doesn't want to fight; they're weak. Maybe this is the time we invade South Korea."

Even worse, Snyder says, are the potential implications for an Israel-Iran conflict. "Israel said, 'Iran is only a few weeks away from being able to produce nuclear weapons. We can't allow that to happen. So we're going to take military action to prevent that from happening.' This is what Israeli leaders are openly talking about over the past few weeks."

All these events, Snyder says, mean we are in the biblical state of "wars and rumors of wars" (Matt. 24:6), setting the stage for end-time scenarios, which he also discusses in his new book, 7-Year Apocalypse.

Snyder 7 yearFor much more from Michael Snyder on how the mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal may ramp up terrorism along with the multiple other crises that point directly to the end times, listen to the entire episode of Greenelines at this link, and subscribe to Greenelines on your favorite podcast platform for more informative stories. Find Snyder's latest book, 7-Year Apocalypse, wherever fine books are sold.

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