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When You Have Done All

How to Stand With God Through the Storms of Life

Turmoil like Job's—including losing a wife to cancer—helped prophetic prayer leader James Goll learn a few things about patience, endurance and standing with God through trials and tribulations.

Holy Spirit

How Does the Holy Spirit Actually Move?

We are not just to be open to the Holy Spirit, but we are to passionately pursue Him. But there are several warnings given to us in Scriptures of attitudes and actions to avoid in our relationship with the Holy Spirit.


Discover the Secret to Reclaiming Your Hope

Even when everything seems to be going off the rails, God remains an unchanging stronghold of refuge and purpose. Learn how to return to that stronghold and restore your hope.

James Goll (r) and Don Finto

Are You a Word-Based Disciple?

Growing up in an "unsafe" environment at home, James Goll, the president of Encounters Network, is grateful for the impact of his multiple mentors on his life. Here are some of the impactful principles he learned from them.

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