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Christmas decor

3 Keys to Releasing the Supernatural Power of Christmas

You and I have the privilege—this year and every year—to participate in an extraordinary release of God's presence that shifts the spiritual atmosphere across the globe, breaks down barriers to people hearing about Jesus, and brings the climate of heaven to earth.

Holy Spirit

Does God Want to Interrupt Your Church?

Are you too engrossed in the status quo to let the Holy Spirit move in your life and church? Discover how letting God interrupt your 'regular' worship service can be the best thing ever.


How to Live a Life of Breakthrough Faith

Do you really need more faith? How can you live out a walk full of breakthrough faith and greater works? Larry Sparks reveals incredible spiritual insights in this exclusive interview.


Your Key to Silence Satan and Win at Spiritual Warfare!

The enemy wants to fill your head and heart with lies, but you are not powerless to fight back. Kyle Winkler's new book shows you how to silence the devil's lies and see the world and yourself through God's eyes.

Three Faith-Releasing Secrets the Devil Doesn't Want You to Know!

In order to live a lifestyle of sustained victory, there are a few things that you and I, as members of the body of Christ, need to clarify first. Scripture tells us that destruction and defeat are not the result of a lack of faith, but rather, a lack of knowledge (see Hos. 4:6).

Bethel Music

The Prophetic Message in Hillsong's 'Oceans'

The songs of one season often prophesy the realities for the next. Larry Sparks explains how Bethel Music's new song is a prophetic blueprint for a reality that the Holy Spirit wants to release to and through the church.

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Are There Really Modern-Day Prophets?

Perhaps you've had a negative experience with prophetic ministry. Maybe the prophet seemed more like a fortune-teller than a man or woman of God.

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