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Trying new things, like tennis, is all about the joy of the journey.

Do It for the Joy of the Journey

When the Lord asks us to tackle a mountain that we've never climbed before, He probably is not calling us to be the first or to be the best.

An appeal to Heaven has been made for the church in America to wake up.

Will the 'Sleeping Giant' Wake Up?

Even as America is in a spiritual crisis and on the verge of God's judgment, there is an appeal to heaven for a Third Great Awakening.

When it comes to the Kingdom of God, being a misfit isn't a bad thing.

Why Being a Misfit Isn't All Bad

Here's how being "discarded" can actually be the catalyst that reshapes the unwanted into the very one chosen to reshape the world.

worship experience

Yes, There is More Than This!

Are you living for an experience, or for oneness with our Father through Jesus Christ in heart, character, and spirit?


Why Wisdom is Crucial in Our Walk With Christ

If we are going to be Christ's ambassadors in culture and re-present Him to the world around us, then we must passionately pursue and prioritize wisdom, just as He did.

God's love is unconditional. Will you accept it?

Accept It: God’s Love is Unconditional

Remember, God loves you not just because He's God but also because He created you. And He loves you for who you are and not for who you wish you were.

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