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Faithfulness Carries Its Rewards

Do you remain steady in your love for Him no matter what, or do you let life's disappointments interfere with your pursuit of Him?

Woman worshipping

Women of God—Now Is Your Time

God uses women mightily and strategically to accomplish His purposes. Now is the time for you to awaken to what He has called you to do.

Christmas in Arizona

It Didn’t Look Like Christmas

Spending Christmas in unfamiliar surroundings may be a bit uncomfortable, but isn't the spirit of the season the same?

God loves the heart of a praying mother.

God Adores the Heart of a Praying Mother

Here's how you, much like Mary the mother of Jesus, can forge a family legacy of protection and destiny and take authority in your spiritual battles.

Light shine

All That Call on Thy Name

Do you live out this label? Are you a light in this hopeless, prayerless and Fatherless world?

Ultimate caregiver

Cherish the Day While You Can

The correlation between physical incapacitation and spiritual incapacitation may be stronger than you think. Here's why you should totally submit to the Holy Spirit and the ultimate caregiver.

Do you often feel like God isn't listening to you? How do you respond to that?

How Do You Respond When Heaven Seems Silent?

When disappointment pops up in your life and it appears that God isn't listening, do you wait with patience and perseverance, or do you get angry and frustrated?

Waiting in prayer

Have You Learned to Wait on God?

It's difficult for anyone when they're convinced that God won't move on their behalf. But remember, those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.

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