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We should cast all of our cares on God and let Him handle our storms of life.

God Stills Our Storms to a Whisper

Reflecting on His faithfulness, you can face your challenges and continue to praise and worship the Lord through life's trials.

Here is how to rely on the cross and the power of God to get you through certain situations.

How to Rely on God

God will often require us to do things that are beyond our natural ability. Here's how to lean on Him to give you strength.

Take captive your thoughts before the negative ones consume you.

You Can Choose What You Think

Remember that the enemy has been empowering your negative, lying emotions to try to take your mind captive.

If you want God's wisdom, you must show that you fear and respect Him.

Do You Really Want Wisdom?

If you want impartations of this from the Lord, there are things you must do first.

Sometimes we don't know where the noise is coming from, but we should trust God anyway.

What's That Noise?

We may not understand what's happening when we're going through a crisis. But God, in His time, will give us understanding, and we will rejoice at the final outcome.

Those who diligently seek the ideals of the cross will be rewarded.

Are You Ready to Seek Him?

Persistent seekers always are rewarded with God's promised presence, strength, and favor.

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