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Sometimes we don't know where the noise is coming from, but we should trust God anyway.

What's That Noise?

We may not understand what's happening when we're going through a crisis. But God, in His time, will give us understanding, and we will rejoice at the final outcome.

Those who diligently seek the ideals of the cross will be rewarded.

Are You Ready to Seek Him?

Persistent seekers always are rewarded with God's promised presence, strength, and favor.

Are you carrying a heavy burden? Why not let Jesus help you lighten it?

Learning How to 'Travel' Light

God appreciates your willingness to carry burdens, but Scripture says He wants to help you lighten your load.

Who are you listening to?

Whose Voice Are You Listening to?

No matter how silly or sinful your actions have been to this point, get your mind in agreement with God's thoughts about you.

Trying new things, like tennis, is all about the joy of the journey.

Do It for the Joy of the Journey

When the Lord asks us to tackle a mountain that we've never climbed before, He probably is not calling us to be the first or to be the best.

An appeal to Heaven has been made for the church in America to wake up.

Will the 'Sleeping Giant' Wake Up?

Even as America is in a spiritual crisis and on the verge of God's judgment, there is an appeal to heaven for a Third Great Awakening.

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