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When Dad Lets Us Down, Heavenly Father Lifts Us Up

Your dad may have died, or your children’s dad may have disappointed you, but on this Father’s Day remember your heavenly Father. For He is more than enough, and He will never let you down.

The Secret to Conquering Your Mountains

Have you ever faced mountains and felt overwhelmed, psyched out or defeated by their size? Find out how you can not just face your mountains, but conquer them.

How to Lift Up Jesus Everywhere You Go

One look at the society around us will tell you that the devil has made great advances in our day. But what would happen if we lift up Jesus in everything we do and everywhere we go?

Catering to an Audience of One

As believers, we know that when we die, we will stand before our Creator at the judgment seat of Christ. Misty Edwards discusses how we can be sure God is pleased with us when we stand before Him.

spiritual warfare

Our Ultimate Spiritual Weapon of War

The goal of satanic deception is to separate believers from their relationship with their heavenly Father, strip them of their spiritual inheritance and set them in a place of total despair. Find out what Perry Stone says is our ultimate spiritual weapon of war.

How to Lose Yourself in God

Many Christians are convinced that Jesus Christ came to make them happy and successful. But He came to forgive our sins, transform us and change our hearts. To make that happen, something deep inside us has to die

How to Forget the Bad and Remember the Good

In life there are things we forget to remember and there are things we remember that we need to forget. Find out how to stop focusing on the bad, and instead focus on the things that are important.

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Steve Hill: Getting Back to the Amazingness of Grace

Whether you know Jesus or not, there is a vicious fight taking place for your soul. How will you respond? Will you ignore God’s grace, or will you tune your ears toward Him and listen to His instructions?

What We Can Learn From God's Silence

This Easter, while you're cerebrating the resurrection of Jesus, pause to remember the greatest silent sermon ever preached—the one that lasted six hours while He hung on the cross.

Pressing Into God During Times of Crisis

Hollywood stuntwoman Desiree Ayes, who was healed from an explosion that left her fighting for her life, assures that if you cry out to God in your crisis, He can and will bring you help.

Do You Know God? Or Just Believe in Him?

Pat Schatzline says it would blow our minds if we truly understood how incredible our Creator is. The problem is, we have allowed others to define God.

How God Set Me Free From Painkiller Addiction

Paula Friedrichsen struggled with an addiction to painkillers for three years before she gave up her problems to God and finally kicked the habit. Learn how she was able to do it.

How to Access God’s Delivering Power

God is constantly searching for great hearts and when He finds them, giving them great help. Find out how you can receive Christ’s righteousness.

God’s Love Message Is the Sweetest Gift of All

It’s easy to get caught up in Valentine’s Day rituals with our sweethearts. But when God has been through the thick and thin of our love relationships, how can we miss His love message that beckons us to be His?

How to Wait on God With Intense Focus and Passion

While the glory of God in its fullness would kill us, there are measures of His presence that have been enjoyed by people in the past that far surpass what we now experience. Find out how to obtain His glory.

Trusting God When Your Dreams Are Shattered

Have you ever had your dreams shattered? Believe it or not, God is working in the midst of this. Find out how trusting in and relying on Him can offer a new course better than what you imagined for yourself.

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How to Speak to the Storm in the Midst of Struggles

Have you ever been in a stormy situation in which it seemed as if the devil was attempting to stir up everything in your life? In the midst of life’s storms the Lord has a powerful solution. Find out what it is.

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Prepare Yourself to Receive Prayer Answers

Are you ready for God to answer your prayers, or will He catch you off guard, like He did Zechariah? R.T. Kendall discusses this biblical story, which he says should give us encouragement to go back and start praying again.

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