2011 Prophetic Perspectives

hankkunnemanNote from the author: As you read through these prophetic perspectives, know that they are exactly that—my perspective. While most of them are based on prophecies I have spoken, these perspectives in themselves are not prophecies. Again, they are simply my perspective on prophetic events.

It is not generally my nature to attempt to find prophetic meanings from every event or to pull meanings from names, numbers or other symbols. We could probably find a spiritual meaning in anything if we tried hard enough. My intention is only to point out perspectives from a few key events of the past year that coincide with things God is already voicing worldwide.

Some such perspectives do in fact deal with names, numbers or symbolisms but are limited only in order to provide confirming support to the larger and more significant prophetic words. In the end, however, prophecy and prophetic events are often conditional and, more important, need to be coupled with prayer in order to be balanced and effective.

Note: What is written here is not an actual prophecy unless stated as such. 

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My greatest desire is that we create a platform for God’s true prophets to speak and share the pulse of God while the listeners handle what they hear with grace, accuracy and godly wisdom. As a helpful tool, I want to recommend that you read my book Revealer of Secrets. It is a prophetic handbook with guidelines and boundaries for operating in the prophetic. It teaches how to accurately interpret prophecy, and also shows the difference between true and false prophets.

I pray these prophetic perspectives bless your life and help you become a more effective tool in God’s Kingdom!

Hank Kunneman



This is not just about a year but also about this decade, 2010-2020. Some things prophesied last year are still coming to pass as we move through the current decade. God’s prophetic purpose that is still coming to pass and will continue in 2011 include:

  • The youth will be anointed and arise affecting this generation for the Lord
  • The Baby Boomer generation will experience salvation and revival
  • The blizzards, weather elements and record temperatures are a sign to this nation
  • The earth and the elements are responding to God’s glory
  • Winds of change are blowing—legislation will change




This will be a year when we will see both disorder and transition occurring. America will face some of its greatest challenges as political disorder continues. It will lead to a shake-up and transition of power. What seems like political chaos will lead to a change and shaking of political power leading up to 2016.

We will see the unveiling of new leaders to replace those who we will see the beginning process of their removal. Look for disorder in the economy, weather and both the cultural and political arenas. It will mark a transition of the Lord’s people into a season of divine separation and favor. 

It will be similar to the days of Egypt when God separated His people from those of the world. They were spared from the plagues and disorder of Egypt, yet God used the chaos in Egypt in order to transition Israel into their promised inheritance: "That you may know how that the Lord does make a difference between the Egyptians and Israel. … And I will make a difference between My people and your people. Tomorrow this sign shall be" (Ex. 8:23; 11:7).

Biblically speaking, the number "11" marks disorder, disorganization, imperfection and even disintegration. It also speaks of transition.

Perspectives from Scripture applicable to the 2011 disorder and transition

Jesus established 12 apostles, but after Judas’ death there were only 11. The missing apostle was a picture of something in disorder until a new leader was chosen in Acts 1. Perspective: The disorder in 2011 will ultimately result in some untimely removals from office in the political landscape. This will open the way for a transition into new political leadership.

Jesus tells of the workers standing idle who were hired at the 11th hour (see Matt. 20: 6, 9). Their standing idle at the 11th hour speaks of disorder, in that they weren’t being effective. Perspective: Many Christians in America have been “standing idle” rather than praying. This disorder from a lack of prayer will lead to further disorders in 2011 for a season.

Jacob had 12 sons, but while Joseph was in Egypt, they were not in order together; only 11 remained. The family was incomplete. In essence, the family had disintegrated from what it once was: "We are twelve brothers, sons of our father; one is no more, and the youngest with our father this day in the land of Canaan" (Gen. 42:32). 

This season of disorder and famine transitioned Jacob’s family into blessing under Joseph. Then there was another season of disorder for Israel after Joseph died, but the disorder again transitioned them under new leadership in Moses. Perspective: Things that have been established will disintegrate creating a time of disorder, but it will transition the nation into a future season of blessing under different leadership.


The presidency weighs in the balance, meaning the seat of power is contingent on choices of the president, the nation and also the church. God is watching to see who will turn to Him and how Israel is being handled. Key signs will reveal which direction God’s hand is leaning.

In 2010 a window was opened and God reached toward our president and is waiting for him to reach back. A window is open as God waits to see what our president will do regarding the Lord.

In 2011 a window of vulnerability has been opened. The devil is coiled to strike against governmental leaders and the office of the president similar to those who coiled to harm past presidents and leaders. The demonic powers aim to remove a leader in effort to create disorder, corruption and chaos. Idleness, complaining, bitterness, and lack of prayer for this nation and its leaders have caused this window of vulnerability. In this season, we must pray so we can close the window against the enemy and not fall prey to him. We must not be vulnerable but alert, watchful, and prayerful to close this window and in turn open a window of safety, protection and a spiritual awakening.

Events that point to the presidency

Certain recent, 2010 events appeared as indicators that God’s hand is shifting, again pointing back to disorder and transition. These events represent momentary disorder leading to change in the political landscape for 2012.

Rahm Emanuel, the top political adviser to the president, leaves his post. His name, Emanuel, is derived from the Hebrew word Immanuel, which means “God with us.” The name Rahm means “pleasing” or “supreme.” His name essentially means, “pleasing God with us.” God’s blessing on the nation and presidency is a must. Perspective: The departure of this key political adviser points to the fact that God is not pleased and His presence in the White House has shifted.

The Presidential Seal falls. President Obama's presidential seal, representing his authority of office, fell off the podium on Oct. 5 as he was speaking at a summit. It was Fortune magazine’s Most Powerful Women’s Summit, which has prophetic significance because God is increasing the influence of women.

"In that day," says the LORD of hosts, "the peg that is fastened in the secure place will be removed and be cut down and fall, and the burden that was on it will be cut off; for the Lord has spoken" (Is. 22:25). Perspective: The falling seal points to a falling place of authority and a political disorder coming. 



Political corruption will be exposed as God sheds light over Washington, D.C., causing some to speak of what appears as another Watergate-type scandal, which consisted of internal exposure and betrayal. It revealed hidden disorder, which again created a transitional season. 2011 will mark a distinct season of exposure. Hidden things will come to light, especially within the ranks of the political and national figures.



We are in the season that women will lead nations and hold seats of government. Other nations, Argentina, Brazil and Chile, have had female presidents, and America will have one in a selected time. A woman is being prepared, but is not yet ready to be seated as president. There is a spiritual battle over the Lord’s choice. God has placed His blessing on the woman of His choosing to accomplish key things for both this nation and for Him. God is preparing one, but the devil will seek to interrupt and seat another who has the spirit of Jezebel instead.

 Perspectives from Scripture applicable to 2011, the season for women

It was a woman who crushed the head of a wicked king with a stone (see Judg. 9:53). Perspective: This speaks of a change of power and the influence of women in positions of political leadership who will lead against wicked laws. 

It was a woman who rescued baby Moses in the days of Pharaoh when the murder of children was endorsed by the government (see Ex. 2). Perspective: A woman is being prepared as a protective mother figure in an effort to end the murdering of children by abortion.

It was a woman (Deborah) who led a battle against the enemies of Israel and ended a war against them that came because Israel was choosing new gods. Deborah brought God’s principles back to Israel (see Judg. 5:2-8). Perspective: A woman is positioned in America to end certain wars in the east and bring this nation back to certain moral and biblical principles.



Strong and unusual winds blew across this nation in much of 2010, signifying a prophetic shift and spiritual change coming upon the land. Unusual winds will continue to blow in 2011.

Political wind of change

The winds shall serve as a sign that winds of change are coming to laws that have been previously signed. Involved will be healthcare, same-sex marriage, and others that will be changed, some toward righteousness and some toward unrighteousness.

Economic change

The winds of change will affect the financial and economic status in America. 2011 yields a few more financial “hiccups,” but it will begin to steady. Silver and gold will rise in value. Talk of a new currency will receive great discussion as a weathering of the financial storms continues for a season. Gas prices creep up then drop quickly. New technology, alternate energy, and discoveries stimulate and recharge the nation as inflation rises.

God’s redemptive plan in the wind

Strong winds and storms continue to blow, as many weather elements will speak of God’s redemptive plans. Record heat, cold, winds and hailstones reported will point to a season of change. Old things will pass away and new things will be re-established. All is purposed to fulfill God’s redemptive plan in the earth.



This year requires a renewed fervor for prayer, as it was during the terms of President Clinton and President Bush. 

The waters of Marah

We must be wise in how we speak, in what we say, and in our heart attitude toward our leaders and the events in our nation. God is looking at our hearts and what we are speaking in 2011. He did this with Israel after they had just witnessed God’s power in the drowning of Pharaoh and his armies. Three days later they were taken to the bitter waters of Marah. 

The word Marah means "bitter" in the Hebrew. At the waters of Marah, Israel began to complain. It reveals how hearts can become bitter and complain during a crisis. With this in mind, we must not complain and become bitter against God in that same way, as we are facing challenges in the earth.

A call to prayer

The church is once again being summoned to prayer for our leaders, our nation and our government. The complaining has exceeded the prayer, and this created the window of vulnerability. 

Household salvations

Members of households will be saved in greater numbers and through unusual ways. Those who have resisted before will have a change of heart, as entire families experience salvation.

A stirring for the lost

The Lord is looking for laborers who will win the lost for Him. There will be a renewed passion in the body of Christ for the salvation of lost souls. The Lord will reward churches, leaders and Christians who reach the lost.

Salvation in Hollywood, Sports

Hollywood and the sports world will experience more unfortunate shakeups, tragedies and even untimely deaths. This will cause such a stir and scrambling to grasp onto what is sure. As a result, many will turn to Christ. A renewed vocal boldness of their faith will come from those we never thought would speak out. It will be a season of salvations, and some in both Hollywood and the sports world will honor Christ in a greater way.

Editor's note: This edition of Prophetic Insight represents only a portion of Hank Kunneman's Prophetic Perspectives for 2011. To read the complete version of his outlook on the year, click here to link directly to his website.

About the author: Hank Kunneman is the senior pastor of Lord of Hosts Church in Omaha, Neb., and the founder of One Voice Ministries (ovm.org). He ministers prophetically in conferences and churches around the world, often together with his wife, Brenda. He is the author of several books, including Don't Leave God Alone.

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