Prophetic Dream: The Year of Authentic Identity

Do you want to be the wheat?
Do you want to be the wheat? (Lightstock )

Recently I had a quick but very intense dream of a large field filled with wheat swaying back and forth with the wind.

In the dream, I specifically saw large, rolling hills of wheat going up and down through the large amount of land. It seemed to be covering every aspect of land that I could see in every direction.

As the wind picked up, the wheat naturally began to take the impact of the effects. It was then in the vision that I began to notice a distinct sound due to the wind hitting the wheat. It was almost like a scene from a movie but the wheat became enlarged to my eyesight and I noticed that the wheat was taking a beating from the tares that were in the field as well.

The noise I heard appeared to be coming from the tares themselves. It was an odd noise in which that the only way I can describe it was like an abusive attacker. As the wind picked up, the tares keep thrashing the wheat that began to go lower than the tares. It appeared that the tares were actually beating the wheat down to the ground.

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As this was happening for a while the wheat became superimposed again, but this time when I saw the wheat (because it was so close to my eyes), I could no longer see the tares. It was then that I realized that the tares were not actually beating the wheat down, but the wheat where becoming prostrate and, through that, the wheat were producing fruit. Immediately when I saw this, I yelled out in my dream, "Lord I know this! I recognize that the wheat will produce fruit and bow down."

Immediately the wind stopped and I heard in my spirit, "Son, I am going to use the wind of my Spirit in such a way that the year before you will be a year of authentic identity. What has seemed like a battle from those who only appear righteous, is a part of what I am releasing. I will position many to be brought forth from the field, from the depth of hills and valleys, where no man has seen or recognized the voice of the fruit they will bear. They will no more be hidden and what has appeared to be violent at the hands of those who desire to see the wheat fail, I am using the wind of my spirit to raise authentic fruit from a prostrate position."

In my dream, I began to weep as I heard the voice of the LORD and as I wept, I began to say over and over, "Lord, I want to be that wheat. I want to be that authentic identity." As I was doing this, the wind began to pick up again, but this time it felt like it was surrounding me. It was then I woke up.

I have weighed this dream in my spirit and I believe that the LORD is calling every son and daughter of God to realize the importance of being real—not what a denomination says you are to be. Not what a group says you are to be. Not what the TV evangelist, your pastor, the guest speaker and so on. ... God is calling you to be who you are to be ... authentic.

The time of imitations, echoes and Internet sermons is coming to an end. God is calling forth those who have been planted to be exactly who He created, destined and dreamed you to be. With that, I believe that 2016 is the year of Authentic Identity. God, unlike days before, is establishing authentic apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, evangelists, deacons, elders, revivalists, pioneers, forerunners, worshippers, dancers, artists and authors through a distinct wind of His Spirit.

Ryan Johnson is a part of New Breed Revival Network (, which is under the leadership of Ryan LeStrange, Jennifer LeClaire, Joe Dawson, Ken Malone and Barbara Yoder. Ryan has been a part of crusades in Chile and Nicaragua; Missions Home Building Project with YWAM in Mexico, guest speaker in many different churches, conferences, and/or special events throughout the United States.

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