Prophetic Word: 'I Am Rebuking the Destroyer for Your Sake'

God will restore your foundations in 2020. (Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash)

Beloved, are you excited about 2020? You should be! The Lord has some major things in store for you, His beloved child, this year.

In case you're curious about what exactly He would like to do in your life, this is the word the Lord gave me for you for the year 2020:

"2020 is the year of hearth and home. 2020 is a year in which I am healing you through your own efforts. I am directing you right now to take steps toward your own healing. I am teaching you the way you should go.

"I have already obliterated the things that stand in the way of your progress. You have passed the test. I repeat, you have passed the test.

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"The test was a test of healing, and you didn't even know it. The test was heart surgery. You have allowed me to perform surgery on your heart, and now you are in a position to recover.

"In 2020, your recovery shall be swift and sure. You already know what you should do, and now you will want to do it. Follow your desires to obey Me; be assured that you can push other things out of your schedule with no negative repercussions. Obey Me, and Me only. Steward yourself well and recover:

—Your health.

—Your wholeness.

—Your sanity (not that you are insane, but that you have felt you have been losing your sanity very often for the last several years).

—Your margin in your schedule.

—Your peace and calm in the midst of chaos.

"The chaos is leaving in 2020 because you have had your fill of chaos. Because of the chaos you have experienced over the last three years, you have come to realize that chaos is possible to live in, but it is not pleasant. It is not enjoyable. You can have a life of peace instead, and in 2020 I will help you manifest the life of peace.

"In 2020, however, your calendar will not fit as many things on it—and your reduced capacity is from Me. Fear not; it is not a reduced capacity to be effective. It is instead a reduced capacity to be busy. Busyness for its own sake is not from Me.

"In 2020, I am repairing the breaches and elevating—or raising again—the walls that have been torn down. During the first three months of 2020 (actually starting in mid-December 2019), you will find that I am anointing you to be at home. This is because I am healing and repairing things at the core level, and I need you in your environment of comfort to do it.

"During this healing season, allow Me to hedge you in. My hedging looks like:

—Lots of extra time with me.

—You will sometimes have no peace about taking additional good things on.

—You will find no flow in busyness and lack of margin in your schedule.

—You will find yourself compelled into rest by My Spirit.

"My hedge around your life is a healing hedge. It is a restful hedge and a peaceful one. Look for me to provide ways for you to rest that are better and greater than you could ever provide for yourself.

"In 2020, I am rebuking the destroyer for your sake. I am anointing you to make changes you have always wanted to make. My conviction has reached your heart now and has found good ground. You see My eternal purpose and are able to sustain it now.

"In 2020, you will come out of league with the devil in all your habits. You will find Me purifying your life as you cooperate with Me. This will not happen without effort on your part, but I will provide all of My anointing that you want and need.

"You have to steward My anointing well, though. I will not make decisions for you; it is high time for you to stand on your own two feet and choose to please Me and live for My eternal purposes. These things are not too hard for you; they are near you, in your heart and in your mouth.

"The enemy has tried to use your own habits to destroy you. But in 2020, you will find that I am removing the next onion-layer of hurts and wounds in your life. As you focus on Me each day, the hurts and wounds that you didn't even know were there will fall away, and your daily life will become more purposeful.

"I am restoring your foundations in 2020. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do? You need your foundation to be set properly and in good order! Your foundations have been rocked over the last three to five years. While you are still standing—for you have been built upon a rock, and the rock is Me—you have some cracks in your foundation.

"The cracks in your foundation are stress fractures, brought on by tectonic earthquakes in the atmosphere and daily life around you. Never fear, though. These stress fractures may hurt right now, but I will not allow your foot to be moved.

"I am healing the fractures in your foundations that have been brought on by the reeling of your world, and I am healing you of the pain in 2020. By the end of 2020, I will have healed you so completely that there will not even be a scar.

Your Year of Health and of Receiving

My components for your healing this year are:

—Lots of time with Me.

—Rest in your schedule.

—Margin in your schedule.

—Exercise and purposeful choices.


—Surrounding yourself with godly friends who run in the same lane as you do—not to be with all the time, but to be in community with and share your life with.

"In 2020, you will see heaven like you have never seen heaven before. Fear not, little flock; this is not a bad thing. It is a function of rest. When you rest and are in the Spirit on the Lord's days (and every day is the Lord's day), I am able to call you up here where I am. Believe Me for heavenly encounters that you have never seen before, such as:

—Hearing angelic songs, and hearing the angels singing them around My throne.

—Visions and dreams of heaven, and of My throne room.

—Listening in on conversations that I am having with My Son Jesus and My Holy Spirit.

—Hearing music from heaven that has never been heard or played on the earth before.

—Having Me visit you in person.

"These things are normal Christianity, and I want you to believe Me for them.

"I have also given you beautiful tools for 2020. Some of your tools are things you don't even know how to use. Don't be afraid; learn to use them! You can do it; I am with you always to help you learn! These tools were the desire of your heart, and you delighted yourself in Me; so I gave them to you—and it was My joy and pleasure to do so!

"So, use the tools! Learn the instruments! Use the beautiful and helpful things. I have provided them in and from My storehouse.

"You have had a hard time accepting these tools. You have felt that you had to give away the beautiful tools I have given you. However, you do not. They are simply My gifts from My storehouses in heaven. I created and crafted the artisans who made the tools. They have been downloads from My gift closets in heaven since they were originated in the minds of their creators—whom I created to craft My gifts on the earth.

"I want to encourage you to embrace the beautiful things I have given you. Don't let your heart get attached to them, and don't let them be your treasures of your heart. Keep Me as your treasure and as your chief joy. However, you need to value the gifts I give you. How can you receive more from heaven when you reject heaven's first gifts? When I give you entry-level gifts from heaven, and you reject them because they are so nice, how can I give you nicer gifts?

"There is a progression in gift-receiving, as well as gift-giving, in the kingdom. You have always known that there is a progression of gift-giving. You start being a giver by giving small gifts. You learn to give by giving away things of progressive value. You give small offerings, then over time learn and are able to give larger ones. This is because your stewardship increases, and the level of your responsibility increases as well.

"But your 'receiver' has to stretch, the same way your 'giver' has to stretch. If I give you something nice and you do not value it, how can I continue? My Word tells you not to throw your holy things before the dogs; in other words, don't give your best treasures to those people who cannot value them. This principle works for Me too! I adhere to My Word too; it is only a manifestation of Me; I cannot do anything else other than what My Word says!

"So, if you want more from Me, value what you have received! Thank Me and bless Me for what I have given you. Use what I have given you. Bless what I have given you, and care for it well. As you honor the gifts I have placed in your hands from My storehouses in heaven, you will find Me giving you more and more gifts.

"I desire to empty My storehouses on your behalf this year. The storehouses in heaven are full, and I have many more things I have conceived in My bosom that I desire to create. I need room in My storehouses! I have years worth of gifts piled up to give you—gifts that you have heretofore not been able to receive, though I have tried to convince you many times to receive them!

"I desire to pour out on you today those things that your eye has not seen, your ear has not heard of and which have not even entered into your heart that I might want to do for you. So ask Me! Ask Me every day things like:

—"Pour out on me all of today's gifts, PLUS years' worth of prior gifts that are still for me, Father."

—"Do those things for me today that I can't even conceive of."

—"Give me the gifts today that I don't even know to ask for."

"It is My good pleasure to give you the Kingdom, and I need an outlet for My creativity. My creativity is a driving force! So, I still create daily, and I desire to use My creativity on behalf of you!

"In 2020, pray this prayer daily: 'Lord, exercise Your creativity on my behalf.' Give Me permission to create in your life again through your prayers. Let Me manufacture things in your life by the forge of My Spirit that you can't even imagine. Ask Me to do this daily, and you will be stunned at what I do. I say again, you will be stunned, astounded and flabbergasted at My creative force in your life.

"I love you, My child. Your cup runs over, and you don't even know it. You have more than you know, and you will continue to receive all I have for you as You press into Me, rest and believe Me for bigger."

Jamie Rohrbaugh is an author, speaker and presence-seeker whose heart is for the local church. Called to intercession and prophetic ministry, her passion is to see sons and daughters transformed by the love of Abba Father. Jamie blogs for a global readership at, where she writes about prayer, personal revival and the supernatural lifestyle and she has written for various ministry outlets. She holds a master's in biblical studies from Berea Seminary and is a grateful member of the Redbud Writers Guild. Jamie serves as a domestic missionary in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

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