Prophetic Vision: God Is Giving You an Invitation for Revelation


I was in my prayer room, meditating on a portion of 1 Samuel 3:21b: "For the Lord revealed Himself to Samuel."

I began to speak to the Lord. I asked for an increase in revelation. I shared my heart of wanting a deeper love for Him and to better serve Him.

The Lord responded with a vision. I knew this vision was not just for me. It is a prophetic invitation for all who want to step into more revelation for this season.

The Vision

Suddenly, it appeared that I was in outer space. I could see clearly even though it was dark. Stars and galaxies were scattered throughout the vastness surrounding me.

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Standing at a distance, Jesus had His hand on a steel door frame. There was a lintel and the doorposts and the threshold at the bottom, but no door.

I sensed an unspoken invitation from Jesus to step through. My immediate response was, "Of course, I want to step through."

As I moved toward the door frame, Jesus stopped me, saying, "This is serious. If you step through the door, your life will never be the same. There will be a refocus of your time and energy."

Puzzled by His words, in a flash, my mind went to John 6 where Jesus asked the disciples if they wanted to leave Him.

I turned to Jesus and said, "Where else would I go?" I looked straight into His eyes; I knew I had to step through.

As I crossed the threshold to the other side, light surrounded me. There seemed to be hundreds of brilliant shining lights flying toward me at a high rate of speed.

The Lord showed me these orb-type lights were revelation lights. They are "now" words streaming out of heaven.

Then, the Lord showed me three things I was to do.

—Catch the revelation light.

—Consume the revelation light.

—Release the revelation light.

I opened my mouth and let the revelation light come in.

It seemed odd because I could have as many as I wanted and not be full. I was not limited to how much revelation light I could receive.

The vision came to an end.

Through this vision, the Lord is saying to us: There is enough in the Word of God and in the prophetic word revelation pouring from heaven to solve every problem on this earth!

What is revelation? Revelation is when God gives you something you didn't know.

Revelation comes when you are drawing close to God. You do not need a specific Scripture to gain revelation. God's Word is active and alive, and He will talk to you through His word.

Here are a few simple steps to activate revelation in your life:

  1. Cleanse your image center by praying. Lord, cleanse the pictures, thoughts and preconceived ideas from my mind. Prepare me to receive what You have for me.
  1. Select a section of Scripture and spend time meditating on it.
  1. Write down the first thing you sense from the Lord. Do not discount or edit what you are receiving.
  1. Ask God, what do I do with this word? Steward the revelation by praying through it? Release the revelation?

Cindy Stewart has a passion for people and helping them connect to their life purpose, discover their passions and live their dreams. Cindy's latest book, God's Dream for Your Life, brings clarity to your purpose while unlocking vision of what is possible in the natural and the supernatural. She is an itinerant speaker, an executive coach and hosts a weekly podcast on the Charisma Podcast Network. She and her husband, Chuck, lead The Gathering Apostolic Center in Tarpon Springs, Florida. You can visit Cindy's website at or email Cindy at

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