Prophetic Word: It's Time to Shut the Doors of Darkness

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Over the years, I have received several revelations from the Lord about the keys given to the body of Christ to open or unlock doors of blessing, destiny and the kingdom. But recent revelations from the Lord impressed on my heart that while many have understood the importance of using their God-given keys to open doors, they have not understood the importance of locking doors with God-given keys to guard their blessings and promises and to protect themselves from demonic intruders.

There is a need for the body of Christ to walk in the Isaiah 22:22 mandate by using the key of the house of David that opens doors which no man can shut and shuts doors which no man can open. I was given two dreams from the Lord to explain the importance of this truth.

A Key to Protect the Blessings in Your Storehouse

I had a dream where I was preparing to leave my home for a kingdom assignment from the Lord. I was about to leave when the Lord told me that He had given me a key to lock the door of my house so that no demons of hell could enter to destroy what He had given me while I was gone on my assignment. I opened my bag and found a key (the key did not look like an earthly key). I locked my door and went on my assignment, confident in the knowledge that all the Lord had given me was secured and protected.

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I believe this dream has a wider application for the body of Christ and the destiny of our nations:

Many have received destiny words which they need to steward by guarding them until the time of fulfillment. The key to protecting your destiny words are faith, prayer and abiding in the secret place while your promises are in the incubation phase.

Have you already received your manifested blessings from the Lord? If so, guard your blessings, just as the Lord showed me in my dream. Guard them and lock them with the key given by the Lord, through prayer and decrees, as you forbid the devourer from coming into your storehouse to steal from you. The key of giving, issued from the Lord in Malachi 3:10-11, can also protect your storehouse of blessings. In both the incubation and manifestation stage of your blessings, the Lord expects us to use the key He has given to us for the protection of our blessings. There are many believers, prophets and intercessors who have been given destiny words for their nations. There are promises that are pending or delayed. The enemy is in an all-time rampage to steal what the Lord has for our nations. I have a word for those who have received words for their nations, especially for the United States at this time: Stand and protect the storehouse of these promises. In prayer, lock the storehouse of your God-given promises and forbid them from being stolen.

A Key to Lock Your Doors From Intrusion of Demonic Attacks

A few weeks ago, I had a dream encounter where it was as if I appeared in a house that was situated in front of a believer's house. In the house, I stood in front of a woman who tried to distract me with words of flattery and niceties. As she did this, she attempted to use the hypnotic power in her eyes to immobilize and stop me from fulfilling my assignment to bind her evil powers. This was an evil being masquerading as a normal woman who had been using demonic powers against some in the body of Christ.

In the dream, I guarded my heart and my eyes, and I was resilient in not allowing her to hypnotize me with her flattery. I released my authority in the name of Jesus and broke the power of the spell that was being spoken over me. After the spell was broken, I entered into the house of the believer, near her abode, and found the believer sick, with an evil atmosphere in her house. I sensed that the demonic being, whose spell I broke, had managed to come and go at will into the house of the believer, who never suspected she was evil, as she always appeared in a human form with flattering words, just as she did with me.

A Faulty Door That Was Unlocked

In the dream, I noticed that the door of the believer was not only faulty but also unlocked as it stood ajar. Concerned, I asked the lady why she would leave her door ajar and unlocked when the evil being near her house was planning to reenter as she had done before, time after time. She did not know that this was the reason she was sick and had the evil atmosphere in her home. I shut and locked the door, and through prayer, I removed the evil in the house that had been released by the demonic woman's previous visit.

I woke up from the dream with the revelation that many believers have faulty doorsdoors that are unlocked in seasons when they need to be locked and garrisoned to prevent satanic intruders from gaining access into their lives. In a season when many should be garrisoning their abodes of blessing, family and community with prayer, they are feeling tired and unable to pray. Doors to our lives, families and nations should not only be securely closed, but they should also be locked with the key in Isaiah 22:22 to prevent access by unlawful entry of the kingdom of darkness.

In the dream, the house of the woman with the demonic agenda was too close to the believer. I sense that some in the body of Christ are too close to enemies they should be far away from. These enemies are temptations, condemnation, despair and many other voices of the enemy that we keep close instead of far away.

We should not only keep entities and devices of the enemy far away from us, but we should lock and garrison our doors against these demonic intruders. When we let these intruders in at will, our lives becomes filled with atmospheric evil; however, heaven wants to be what pervades our atmosphere.

Early this year, in a meeting where I ministered in London, a man testified that the prophetic word which I had released to him had shut the door of depression in his life; it went to the root of his depression by releasing healing to his autistic son! Our prayers and prophetic decrees indeed have the power to shut evil doors.

In the past, when I delivered those who had been involved in the occult or other demonic practices, I had been mindful of locking the doors to their occult past with the key of the house of David, through prayer declaration, in order to forbid re-entry of all demonic presence. Purity and repentance also close the doors to demonic entry in our lives.

Guarding the Door of Our Hearts

The flattery and hypnotic power of the evil woman in my dream also spoke of the serpentine nature of the enemy who seeks to distract us, causing us to leave our hearts unguarded while he unleashes evil in our lives. I believe the Lord is calling us to be alert and guard our hearts so that we are not taken in by the attempts of the enemy to distract us from breaking his power off our lives and destroying his agenda in the nations and the church.

Concerning the nations, I sense there is a higher agenda at hand, as the anti-Christ spirit seeks to take dominion over them. Like a chameleon and a serpent, the enemy tries to pervade the nations with its ungodly agenda by masking its evil agenda with seemingly good policies. We must garrison our nations in prayer to keep the antichrist agenda out. There is a call to be discerning and pray for the unmasking of the enemy's agenda that calls evil good and good evil.

Be encouraged, heed the alert of the Lord and use your Isaiah 22:22 mandate to lock and garrison doors that need to be protected. The power of hell and its ability to devour and destroy what you have been given will be broken when you learn to use your key wisely and in a timely manner.

May you experience the protection of your blessings and protection from demonic intrusion in your life and nation.

Ella Onakoya is the founder of Harvest of the Nations. She is an evangelist, a prophetic watchman and an author. She preaches a message of revival and awakening in various churches and conferences in the U.K., Europe, America, Africa and Asia. She also teaches at equipping schools where she trains and equips the body of Christ. She often ministers as a prophetic speaker to release God's heart and voice to churches, communities and nations. God releases salvation, miracles, prophetic encouragement and various moves of the Holy Spirit where she ministers. For further information about her ministry please visit

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