Prophetic Word: Be Alert! Don't Remain in Captivity Because You Do Not See


A Word of the Lord in the Time of Captivity

In Jeremiah 32, we find the prophet Jeremiah imprisoned by Zedekiah, King of Judah, for speaking the word of the Lord to him concerning the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem and the impending captivity of the Israelites. At this point in time, the Babylonians have closed in on the city of Jerusalem and in a short while will take control of it and burn it down.

Jeremiah, however, in his imprisonment receives a word from the Lord that he is about to be approached by his uncle Hanamel with an invitation to buy a piece of land, and he should purchase it when the moment comes. Shortly after, Jeremiah is indeed visited in the prison by Hanamel, who asks him to buy the land as expected, and Jeremiah agrees to do so according to the Lord's instruction.

The Times and Seasons of the Earth Are in the Hands of God

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In discerning the word of the Lord to us today, it is important for us to pay attention to the timing of these events. At the time when Jeremiah receives the word of the Lord, he is imprisoned and under the guard of a compromised leader who has allowed the nation to be breached. The land is about to be seized and destroyed by the violent Babylonians, yet it is at this very time that Jeremiah is instructed to buy a piece of land.

With all that was going on, everyone around Jeremiah would have said that the land was worthless and should not be bought. And this is exactly how it would appear to someone without the revelation and insight that comes through the Word and the Spirit of God.

The times and seasons of the earth, however, are truly in the hands of God, and He knew that although the immediate outlook was bleak for Jerusalem, there was yet to be a time of hope and restoration. The people of Judah would eventually return from their captivity. His instructions to Jeremiah were a sign of that foreknowledge and hope, and were in themselves a prophecy for a future beyond the one that was now in view. Jeremiah's obedience was an act of agreement and investment in God's promises for the future, and so when the request came for him to buy the land, he found the money.

Today, there are certain situations taking place in the world through which it might seem as though the enemy is in a position of power, and there are many who feel that they are in a type of bondage or captivity. It is these things rather than the voice of God that has dictated to these people as to what they should do.

What is needed instead, however, is for God's people to really hear His voice and to make informed, faith-filled choices based on His promises—and not simply on the sight of the natural eyes. Jeremiah had a right to inherit the land that he bought, and as kings and priests, we too have an inheritance in God that is ours to claim. But too often, the claims are not made due to unbelief and disobedience.

Now is a time to be alert, because if you do not lift your eyes to see what He sees, you will miss the moment to act decisively. If you are looking for his deliverance, you will see the keys when they appear. If not, you will remain in captivity and be dictated to by circumstance.

Pray for Understanding

When the word of the Lord comes to you with instructions like those that came to Jeremiah, pray for understanding. As Jeremiah sought God and discussed with Him his act of obedience, the Lord provided dynamic insight into the situation, including the reasons why Jerusalem was on the brink of ruin, besieged by the Babylonians. It is clear the people of Jerusalem had taken God's goodness, mercy and grace for granted and had become insensitive to Him and to the requirements of a godly life.

Many believers today have likewise taken much for granted and have become insensitive to the Holy Spirit, used to the ways in which they operate and thinking almost nothing of what they do. A believer may consult a horoscope, intentionally undermine another person's relationship or business or carry out an abortion and see nothing wrong with it. And when calamity comes, they are unable to perceive how or why it came about.

God's revelation of the reasons behind a negative turn of events is a sign of His mercy and goodness. Once the stumbling stones are identified to us, they can then be removed and the curses broken. We are in a season where we can dream with God from a place of promise and truly recover all if we are humble and sensitive to what He says and does.

I feel that many have already received instructions from the Lord for the times to come, but there are issues to be addressed and blockages that must be removed. As you read this word and look over the Scriptures, pray for understanding. Ask the Lord what He is pointing out to you. Once you've got it, hit the reset button by applying the Passover blood of Jesus Christ, calling on His name and acknowledging Him as Lord and Savior over all the areas of your captivity and in whichever areas you feel bound. Look to the Lord to set you free from addictions, toxic habits, attitudes and compromises. He truly is a Passover Lamb without blemish.

In ourselves we have nothing to offer Him, but He has made a way for us to see the truth and put things right. When God gave Jeremiah understanding, it came with a promise of restoration. I believe the Lord is doing such a work of restoration with His people today. Recognize where you have been bound, and let the truth set you free and into the liberty He's promised us. There are so many good reasons to be in His Word today, and this is one of them. He is bringing you out and taking you through into the new season!


Father, you alone fully know the times and seasons of the earth. You know the plans that You have for us, to prosper and not to harm us, to give us a hope and a future. Let the eyes and ears of Your people be opened to Your instructions, so they will agree and obey regarding all You have set in motion for their deliverance. Shower Your people with understanding and shine Your light on the stumbling blocks that have caused bondage, so they can be removed. We thank You for freedom! We thank You for liberty! We celebrate You today Jesus, because You are our Passover Lamb! Take us into our new season! Amen.

Rev. Betty King is a world-renowned speaker and prophetess. She is a true embodiment of the Father's love and compassion. Her passion to fulfill God's call has seen her travel to all the continents, moving in the prophetic, touching and transforming many lives and rekindling hope. She is a woman full of love, wisdom, kindness, hope, compassion and grace.

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