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Joe Joe Dawson encourages you to build a symbolic deep well in your life for the next 90 days.

Prophecy: Dig a Well for 90 Days

The Spirit of God is saying to the church right now is to think upon the supernatural and build the church upon the supernatural.

top of mountain

A Shemittah Year Mandate: Throw Jezebel Down!

In this Shemittah year, it is crucial that a bold, uncompromising order of messengers begins to emerge in the spirit of Elisha to preach repentance and an inspirational kingdom gospel that will catalyze a remnant.

Cindy Jacobs

2015: The Turn-Around Year

Need a turnaround in your life? Check out this prophetic word Cindy Jacobs delivered.


Did 2014’s Prophetic Words Ring True?

Before we charge ahead to weigh prophetic mandates, directives and warnings for 2015, let's take a minute to look back at the prophetic words declared over 2014. Did they pan out?

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