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Josh and me at a Star Wars convention in Orlando in 2012.

Star Wars: God's Grace and Redemption

The opening of the new Star Wars movie this weekend has given me a second chance to bond with my son. God's grace is full of second chances.


For Every 40, There is a 41

For every season of frustration in your life, God has a season of blessing and deliverance. Yours is coming, but you must do these things first.

Doug Stringer

Cancer Free: God 2, Satan 0

What the enemy meant for heartache and destruction, God turned around for His glory. Here are two wonderful and supernatural examples of God's grace.

Has something else replaced God on the top of your daily list?

Do You Need an Idol Extraction?

Take an honest inventory. Is there anything that steals an unhealthy amount of time out of your day from God and from your family?

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