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Maria Woodworth-Etter was known for 'trance evangelism.'

Is 'Trance Evangelism' Coming Back In Vogue?

Paul fell into a trance. Peter fell into a trance. And one of the greatest healing evangelists in modern times fell into trances for hours. How does God uses trances?

This is YOUR kairos time.

Prophecy: Your Kairos Time Is Right Now

I received a startling prophecy 14 years ago that I didn't understand until now. If you've been waiting on God, this message could confirm many things for you.

Don't let spell casters invade your prayer room.

When Spell Casters Invade Your Prayer Room

Is there really a revival of the devil's witchcraft? Does the devil really take out all the stops to interfere with the prayers of the saints? Does the devil always overplay his hand? Read this.

As spiritual warriors for Christ, we need to stay in formation and not break ranks.

When Spiritual Warriors Break Rank

Whether you've been hit by friendly fire from a careless warrior or led into a battle you weren't ready for by a spiritual leader, it's time to shake it off and get back in line.

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