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Matthew Lesko

Who’s Getting Rich With the Get-Rich-Quick Gospel?

Get-rich-quick schemes, er, programs are a dime a dozen—but they’ll leave you with empty pockets and plenty of useless products if you buy into them. And the get-rich-quick gospel may cost you a little more. 

burning bridges

Burning the Bridges to Your Past

Burning bridges isn’t always the right response, but sometimes it’s the only response. Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire urges us to "remember Lot's wife."

righteous judgment

Why We Must Judge a Righteous Judgment

One of the most common outcries against calling out false doctrines insists, “Thou shalt not judge.” Jennifer LeClaire insists we must judge a righteous judgment in the midst of a heresy hurricane.

false teacher

When Rock-Star Preachers Spew a False Gospel

Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire asks: Why are we putting up with a false gospel? Why are we spending millions of dollars on books filled with heresy penned by false teachers? Why are people flocking to stadiums to worship another Jesus? 


When You Feel Like You’re Fighting Alone

Sometimes the warfare just seems to come from all sides. Sometimes it seems to come from all sides at once. Sometimes in midst of the onslaught it feels like you are fighting alone. Get equipped for the battle.


Why Are So Many Christians Practicing Witchcraft?

It may surprise you to learn that what the world—or even what the Wiccans—call witchcraft is not always one in the same as what the Bible calls witchcraft. Are you unknowingly practicing sorcery?

scared intercessor

When Intercessors Are Afraid of the Devil

How can a prophetic intercessor effectively wage warfare when they are flowing from a place of fear instead of victory in Christ? Jennifer LeClaire identifies a weakness in some prayer warriors' armor.

angry man glaring

What Not to Do When People Leave Your Church

Whether you are in leadership or just a member, it can be disheartening to see someone leave your local church. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to handle these situations.


Overcoming Witchcraft Attacks Against Your Mind and Body

Have you been battling a deluge of oppressive thoughts against your mind lately? How about strange infirmities? Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire unveils the workings of Jezebel and her witchcrafts that intensify between Lent and Resurrection Day.

spiritual warfare

A Stealth Spiritual Warfare Weapon Satan Can’t Stand

Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire offers prophetic insight into a weapon that many find difficult to wield. But if you swing this sword, it protects your heart in the face of mistreatment and persecution.

Westboro Baptist protest

When Spiritual Abuse Brainwashes the Saints

The persecution against the Westboro Baptist Church daughters who left the hate-mongering congregation last week offers a look behind the veil of spiritual abuse. 

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