Prophet Hank Kunneman: The U.S. Isn't Going Backward After All

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The year 2020 has brought cataclysmic news in many areas: health, race relations, politics and more. It has also brought a number of prophecies that relate to these areas.

But prophet, pastor and popular television host Hank Kunneman says we must be discerning about what and to whom we listen—and that the U.S. is not in the dire state many seem to think it is. Despite what some people say, Kunneman believes our country isn't going backward at all.

I spoke with Hank on a recent episode of The Strang Report podcast about the prophetic side of today's news, how we can discern true prophets from false ones and the positive prophetic word God gave him for the United States.

Hank, who accurately prophesied that Donald Trump would win the 2016 presidential election, had some words of caution about the various prophetic perspectives we find in print and online today. True prophecy "should always carry the pulse or the heartbeat of God," he said. "That's what true prophecy is: It's God's heart, His mind, His will, His intent, His agenda. And it should always agree with, obviously, Scripture. But we also have to understand it should agree with the Lord's character.

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"And I say that because there's a lot of prophecy and things that are creating confusion and fear right now in the earth," he said. "And there are legitimate things that are happening. Obviously, there is God's hand that is being extended to deal with certain areas of corruption, things that have been deeply planted, you could say, within the very core of our nation, that God is uprooting."

Hank told me what he sees in the spiritual realm right now is "God picking a fight." Reminding our listeners that God is never inactive or late, he said, "God has chosen to act at this time in the United States of America, and He has picked the fight. And the great thing about God is whenever He picks the fight, He never loses. ... He always has an agenda that will shift things into His favor."

Hank also used an analogy the Lord gave him to help explain why our nation is not going backward, although things may appear that way right now. God reminded him of the scene in Luke 4:16-30 when Jesus went into the temple to declare that God's Spirit was on Him and that God had anointed Him.

Of course, Jesus' hearers refused to listen. They took him out to the edge of the cliff, intending to throw Him off. "And the Bible says that Jesus passed through the midst of them," Hank said. "And God said, 'That analogy that I want you to understand, and those in the nation who have been in fear concerning the future, concerning the election, concerning the Supreme Court ... just as they could not take Jesus out, they will not succeed in what they're trying to do to take out My agenda and My plan, and that includes Donald Trump."

Hank told me there was an "anointing of preservation" upon Jesus that meant no matter what His enemies tried, they couldn't take him out. And he believes the same is true for our nation. "There is an anointing of preservation that God has brought upon the United States of America," he said.

"We deserve judgment," Hank said. "And we deserve God to lift His hand off because of a lot of things that have taken place. God has chosen at this time to open a window and extend His hand of mercy, and to establish through His anointing a spirit of preservation that will preserve this nation. And we will see that God's doing it for the sake of the harvest, and also because of the glory of God, that is coming fast upon this planet."

To hear more of Hank's powerful words concerning our nation and the nature of true prophecy, listen to the entire podcast here and be sure to share both this article and the podcast with everyone you know. Our nation is in turmoil, and I want to give voice to those prophets we can trust to speak the Word of the Lord in times of chaos. We must line up with His will for America, and fast.

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