Entrepreneur Clay Clark Says Christians Must Wake Up or Witness America's Fall Into Communism and Atheism


Christian entrepreneur Clay Clark, host of the Thrive Time Show on the internet, isn't naïve about what is taking place in America right now. He knows exactly what the enemy is doing at this very moment to bring down this country which was founded more than 240 years ago on the Bible and Christian principles.

On a recent episode of my Strang Report podcast, Clark said he believes our newly-elected leaders are doing everything they can to partner with the kingdom of darkness—Satan's government, as he calls it—to usher in a communist society. In turn, he says, that will lead directly to atheism, and that plays right into the hands of the enemy and the Antichrist, whom we all know by reading the Bible will come on to the scene during the end times.

Cancel culture, which I talk about in my new book God and Cancel Culture, is everywhere, and Christians are feeling the brunt of it every day. On another recent Strang Report podcast, Missionary Andrew Brunson told me that persecution is coming to the church, and a lot of members of the church, especially charismatics, aren't prepared for it.

The transition to communism and a one-world government has been subtle. It's one that many in the sleeping church have allowed, Clay says, due to the distractions Satan puts in front of us every day.

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"We have been in a world where we are so irrevocably distracted—we've got soccer games, we've got the voices, the masked voices, and we've got the NFL and the NBA," Clay says. "There is a new Netflix series coming out every day, we've got the Apple Watch, the smartphone, all of the apps. The average person is interrupted 100 times per day and now has the cognitive thinking skills of a third to fourth grader. The average American is so dumbed down by distractions that we need to take a time out, turn off the phone and do some of your own searching.

"Look it up. When you see that the CDC is calling for the implementation of Nazi-style concentration camps in America, that means you can't put your trust in the CDC. So, go to timetofreeamerica.com and look up all these resources and then make a decision for yourself," Clay continues. "What are you going to do? Every single person as a Christian—look at Luke chapter nine where Jesus instructs the apostles—needs to go out there from town to town, laying hands on people, praying for the sick, healing the sick and sharing the cause of Christ.

"I'm pretty positive the apostles and Jesus weren't worried about their 501c3 status. They weren't worried about lawsuits. They were worried about sharing Christ in a dying world that would be forever damned to hell without the salvation of Jesus Christ," Clay says. "And that's what we've got to do. It's the time to wake up, everybody, and share the irrefutable Word of God; to share the truth and to let people know the only way through to get to heaven is through these narrow gates—And that is by accepting Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior."

In this Strang Report podcast, Clay Clark and I talked about so many more interesting and somewhat disconcerting things connected to the end times, including his connection with a Kim Clement prophecy. So, I encourage you to listen to the podcast and spread the word about it to your followers on social media. Be sure to subscribe to the Strang Report on Apple Podcasts or your favorite podcast platform for more words that will inspire and challenge you in the power of the Holy Spirit.

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