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The Beauty of Brokenness

As you put your faith in God to break you, mold you and make you what He’s created you to be, the Potter will make you an amazing work of His hand!

Rosh HaNikra caves on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea

Maintaining the Magic of Israel

While it’s easy to focus on the many problems Israel faces, people tend to forget the beauty and many positive aspects of the country. What do you like best about Israel?

Russell Crowe stars in 'Noah.'

Hollywood: 2014 is the 'Year of the Bible’

The motion picture industry is taking a step back in time this year by producing films centered around the Bible. Find out what biblical films will be released.


2014 Is the Year of the Quantum Leap

At the beginning of 2014, Jane Hamon says she distinctly heard God say this would be the "year of the quantum leap." Find out what that means for you.

Rabbis at Olympics

Sochi Winter Olympics Go Kosher

After years of repression in Russia, find out how Judaism is reviving there and how Jews are being made to feel welcome during the Olympics.

man looking up to sky

3 Reasons Why People Don't Operate in the Gifts

Steven Brooks delivers a must-­read handbook for every Christian who is hungry to experience more of God’s power in their lives in his new book, How to Operate in the Gifts of the Spirit

Afghanistan prisoners

Why the Hypocrisy of the Obama Administration?

The Afghan government has released dangerous prisoners in an apparent attempt to make favor with the Taliban. Why is the Obama administration crying foul when they pressured Israel into doing the same thing with Palestinian terrorists?

Living a Life of Love

Jesus is love, so you can rest in the truth that He is patient with you, He’s always with you, He believes in you and will not give up on you.

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