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Ron Cantor

Ron Cantor: Has God Rejected Israel?

According to the teachings of Replacement Theology and Fulfillment Theology, He has. In this video, Messiah's Mandate's Ron Cantor begs to differ.


Prophetic Lessons for Godly Parenting

Parenting isn't just a natural experience. It's intended to be supernatural. Discover how to tap into God's plans for your family.

God loves the heart of a praying mother.

God Adores the Heart of a Praying Mother

Here's how you, much like Mary the mother of Jesus, can forge a family legacy of protection and destiny and take authority in your spiritual battles.

Mountain view

Do You Have a Vision for Your Future?

It's dangerously easy to lose sight of your purpose and end up just spinning your wheels or meandering about. Discover your purpose and chart your path today!

Jews in peace

Israelis: 'We Choose Life'

In light of all of the recent terrorism in their country, Israelis desperately want to declare how crucial living together in peace and harmony is these days.


An Urgent Call to Prophetic Intercession

Scripture gives us stunning but often overlooked examples of the sort of prayer warriors we are called to be. The need is great. Will you take up the charge?

Jerusalem at night

Come to Israel, Davka Now

Some may believe that it's not safe to take a trip to Israel these days. Here's why Effrat resident Jonathan Feldstein refutes that notion.

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