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Israeli doctor

Does Ahmed Know?

Are Syrians who deny Israel’s right to exist as a state aware of the many instances of humanitarian aid the Israeli people have bestowed upon Syrian citizens? Do they care? Israeli Jonathan Feldstein wonders that very thing about a long-lost Syrian friend.

Obama and Kerry

Selling Out Israel: The Obama-Kerry Plan

Find out how the Obama administration—committed to a two-state solution for peace—is fully engaged in applying pressure to the Israelis to give in to the Palestinians’ demands.

R. Loren Sandford

A Fresh Move of the Spirit and a Warning

R. Loren Sandford is predicting a fresh move of God, but he's also warning of a two-headed demon of opposition. Can you discern the spiritual landscape?

Joel C. Rosenberg

Israel: A State Divided?

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seriously contemplating agreeing to painful and controversial concessions, members of his government are loudly voicing their dissent.


4 Things We Must Do for Millennials

Stats and shootings prove millennials are a lost generation reaping what those before them sowed. But will the church lead them home?

Scarlett Johansson

Super Bowl, Super Fraud?

What do you get when you cross the most-watched sporting event in America with one of the most popular means of anti-Semitic hate?

Single Women, Be Encouraged by God’s Promises

It seems that singleness to some is like an invisible cloud that denotes a sense of failure. But it is a plan of the enemy to give the impression that being a saved, single Christian is a miserable existence. Don’t believe the lie.

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