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Jews in Israel

Prophetic Renewal for God's Chosen People

This prophetic move has tremendous end-times implications, and James W. Goll has seen the effects first hand. Here's how you can be a part of this amazing move of the Spirit!

Light shine

All That Call on Thy Name

Do you live out this label? Are you a light in this hopeless, prayerless and Fatherless world?

The Temple Mount

To Pray or Not to Pray: That Is the Temple Mount Question

Even a majority of the Jewish population says that the law should remain status quo, preventing Jews from praying at the Temple Mount, to avoid conflict with Muslims. But does the issue go much deeper than that?

Ultimate caregiver

Cherish the Day While You Can

The correlation between physical incapacitation and spiritual incapacitation may be stronger than you think. Here's why you should totally submit to the Holy Spirit and the ultimate caregiver.

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