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Watch God Work in Your Life Continually

Joyce Meyer addresses the pervasive question, 'Am I doing enough for God?' The answer, and its practical application, could change your life.

Holy Spirit

Does God Want to Interrupt Your Church?

Are you too engrossed in the status quo to let the Holy Spirit move in your life and church? Discover how letting God interrupt your 'regular' worship service can be the best thing ever.

Iraqi fighters

The Tumultuous Middle East Grows More Chaotic Daily

With alliances being drawn and withdrawn frequently, it's hard to tell the players in the region without a scorecard. One problem, however, is that the western Christian world seems silent in the process.

U.S. Capitol Building

Prophetic Wisdom for Braving the Coming Storm

As our nation's moral fiber and the integrity of her leaders devolve, it's time to play our role as prophetic Daniels to our Nebuchadnezzars, demonstrating true love and power to a lost world. R. Loren Sandford shows you how.


9 Scriptural Tests for Spiritual Experiences

1 John 4:1 admonishes us to "test the spirits" to see if a word or experience is from God or from the enemy. Here are nine key scriptural tests to ensure your word is one worth listening to.

Do you often feel like God isn't listening to you? How do you respond to that?

How Do You Respond When Heaven Seems Silent?

When disappointment pops up in your life and it appears that God isn't listening, do you wait with patience and perseverance, or do you get angry and frustrated?

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