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Petra Jordan

Cantor: The Roots of Messianic Judaism

In part one of a two-part series, Messiah's Mandate's Ron Cantor explores the history of the first Jewish believers and why prayer and repentance aren't enough to atone for sin.


Prophetic Signs for an Anointed Year

This year-long prophetic alignment of the tetrad has only happened seven times since the birth of Christ, and every time, it has heralded massive change. Now, the eighth tetrad has begun...

China's house church movement

‘The Chinese Church Loves Jesus, Israel and Arabs’

Zhang Fuheng, one of the five 'fathers' of the house church in China, says millions of Chinese are praying for Christians and Jews around the world and that he believes revival will come to Jerusalem.

Angry woman

Learning to Manage Anger and Walk in Peace

Though anger starts as a harmless feeling, it can quickly grow into something dangerous that's hard to control. But with God's help, we can learn how to deal with our feelings and walk in His peace.

God's Elect

Argument of Distraction: Israel or the Church?

Find out why all of this controversy as to whether the church is God's elect or Israel is God's elect is only a ploy to get our attention away from God's master plan.


Wrestling With Wicked Witchcraft—and Winning

As demonic activity increases, people report feelings of oppression, fatigue, spiritual warfare against the mind, and even physical manifestations. Sound familiar?

Mahmoud Abbas

How Is Israel Expected to Trust Abbas?

Once again, Mahmoud Abbas is blaming Israel for the war this summer in Gaza. Here's what the Palestinian Authority president said in a suspect speech at the United Nations recently.

Yasser Arafat

Yasser Arafat: The Father of Modern Terrorism

Here is how the former Palestine Liberation Organization leader, with an intense hatred for Jews, opened the door wide for terrorist groups such as ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah.

Israeli flag

Get in Sync With God's Prophetic Calendar

God's divine protection of Israel since its restoration in 1948 is nothing short of incredible. Discover biblical prophecies about the Jews' dispersion and regathering, and what they mean for the very near future!

A scene from Shakespeare's Hamlet

‘Something Is Rotten in the State of Sweden’

If Shakespeare were alive today, he might have written that quote about Sweden instead of Denmark. Here's what connection it has with the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians.

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