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Jump for joy

The Secret to an Abundant Life

Want live the truly good life? Here's how to let righteousness, peace and joy become your life's hallmarks.

Sunlight bursts through sunflower

We Are in a Season of Giving Birth

Ken Malone's prophetic vision reveals many are beyond full term—and what has prevented the birthing of God's purposes from coming forth.

Hamas violence

When Will Hamas Learn Terrorism Doesn’t Pay?

The residents of Gaza have suffered for the sins of a terrorist organization. So, why hasn't the United Nations denounced their actions instead of pointing the finger at Israel?

Karl and Joyce Strader

Eulogies for Joyce Arlene Wead Strader (1929-2014)

A beautiful servant of the Lord, Joyce Strader was known as an ideal pastor's wife, a strong intercessor and a role model Believer. Here is how her family remembered her at her recent memorial service.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (l) and U.S. President Barack Obama

Obama Persists With the Palestinian Lie

Author David Rubin says the U.S. president needs to do some more studying about Middle Eastern history before giving the press his thoughts on the subject.

Israel protests

Israel Protesters: ‘Hitler Was Right’

In Europe, the anti-Semitic genie has been let out of the bottle again. It appears it has become fashionable again to call for sending Jews to the ovens.

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