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Harry Truman

Palestinian Authority President Flunks History

In a recent New York Times interview, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas claims that the Truman administration in 1948 disavowed Israel as a Jewish state. Here’s why that claim is in error.

Jesus Is Always There, Even in Midst of Darkness

Even amid our darkest struggles, Jesus is always there, acting as a ray of sunshine peeking through the clouds. If you or someone you know feels overwhelmed, turn to the power of God’s Word and His pathway.

Joyce Meyer

The Simple Truth About True Love

We often think we need someone to love us, but what we really need is someone to love. And therein lies the power of the gospel.

Stephen Harper

Temple Mount Access: Oh, the Irony

How can it be that Muslims decide who gets to visit the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism? Find out how that happened during the recent visit of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper to Israel.

Israeli doctor

Does Ahmed Know?

Are Syrians who deny Israel’s right to exist as a state aware of the many instances of humanitarian aid the Israeli people have bestowed upon Syrian citizens? Do they care? Israeli Jonathan Feldstein wonders that very thing about a long-lost Syrian friend.

Obama and Kerry

Selling Out Israel: The Obama-Kerry Plan

Find out how the Obama administration—committed to a two-state solution for peace—is fully engaged in applying pressure to the Israelis to give in to the Palestinians’ demands.

R. Loren Sandford

A Fresh Move of the Spirit and a Warning

R. Loren Sandford is predicting a fresh move of God, but he's also warning of a two-headed demon of opposition. Can you discern the spiritual landscape?

Joel C. Rosenberg

Israel: A State Divided?

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is seriously contemplating agreeing to painful and controversial concessions, members of his government are loudly voicing their dissent.


4 Things We Must Do for Millennials

Stats and shootings prove millennials are a lost generation reaping what those before them sowed. But will the church lead them home?

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