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Jack Hayford: Israel In Target

The ongoing disarray throughout the Middle East has set the stage for an alliance of nations bent on Israel’s total destruction. With God’s chosen people in target 24/7, who will stand with them amid the impending crisis?

From left to right: The Strangs, Paul, Karen, Amy and Steve

Spiritual Lessons I Learned from My Mom

As the Strang family gathered for my mom’s 85th birthday, we remembered our godly heritage and how much of a blessing she is. Have you expressed that to your mother lately?

Is Your Body Warning You of Overload?

Are you working more and relaxing less? Do you do more and more but your “to do” list never seems to get any shorter? Are you running to and fro and yet only running yourself ragged? If so, it’s time for a break.

Hobby Lobby CEO Steve Green

Hobby Lobby Apologizes for Hanukkah Flap

Chastised for not carrying merchandise for the Jewish holiday, the Christian-owned company issued an apology to the Jewish community for potential anti-Semitic comments. Find out what CEO Steve Green said.  


It's Time to Consecrate Ourselves for Revival

Crying out for revival is one thing, but consecrating yourself for revival is another. Eddie Hyatt shares prophetic insight for the season God is calling us into.

Stop Talking Trash!

I never thought I’d see the day when Christians would justify swearing

Leader Compensation

How much are those in charge of these Israel-related ministries actually making?

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