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Deliverance From the Idolatry of Emotions

R. Loren Sandford explains how allowing our emotions to lead makes us vulnerable to believing any lie we're told, which affects our moral judgment. Find out what he says is the cure. 

Crying western wall

Pain and Love Go Hand in Hand

Experiencing pain with others is a necessary part of love, just as much as experiencing their joy is.

How to Forget the Bad and Remember the Good

In life there are things we forget to remember and there are things we remember that we need to forget. Find out how to stop focusing on the bad, and instead focus on the things that are important.

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Hidden Warfare: Kibbutz Ayalon

Discover the mightiest weapon we have in our arsenal for God and why we should continually “shine it and sharpen it.”

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Living for Yeshua Negates Living With Terror

With the recent scares in the U.S. and the constant threat of them in Israel, read Chaim Goldberg's column and discover how easy it is to live without fear.

Sinai rocket attack

Islamists in Sinai Claim Attack on Israel

The militant group Magles Shoura al-Mujahddin claims responsibility for two rockets that hit the Red Sea resort town of Eilat Wednesday. No one was injured.


Auschwitz Remains a Haunting Place Today

For a Messianic Jew whose parents were Holocaust survivors, the former concentration camp represents renewed hope for the future with Yeshua.

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