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Why I Don't Use the F-Word

J. Lee Grady shares how he honestly never thought he'd see the day when Christians would justify swearing. 

How to Increase Your Effectiveness in Spiritual Warfare

If you are a believer, you have authority over the powers of darkness, in Jesus’ name. The enemy will try to make you afraid and keep you from setting others free. Discover how to be more effective in battling darkness.


God’s Prophet Jailed for Refusing to Compromise Prophetic Word

Would you be willing to go to jail to maintain the purity of your prophetic ministry? Or would you go along with the prophets who give way to spirits of divination, Jezebel spirits, witchcraft or lying spirits to keep the offerings pouring in?


6 Steps Out of Your Religious Box

Almost all ministry in the book of Acts occurred outside a church meeting. So why do we hide our message in a building? J. Lee Grady gives ways we can step out of our religious box. 

James W. Goll

Interpreting Your Prophetic Revelation

Before you can interpret your dreams and visions properly or intercede effectively from the posture of revelation, you must understand the language of that revelation. James Goll explains.

rebuking devils

Rebuking Demons and the Danger of Playing Holy Ghost

If you are prophetic, you probably see the spirits operating behind the scenes. But that doesn't mean you should rush to a rebuke. Take a lesson from the apostle Paul in waiting on the Holy Spirit's timing.

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