A scene from 'Doctor Strange'

'Doctor Strange' Conjures Mind-Bending Effects, Action

The Sorcerer Supreme movie will leave moviegoers spellbound with its fantastical story and adventure, but the film is also a bit darker and violent than most of the Marvel films, as well as steeped with Eastern mysticism.

A scene from the 'Fantastic Four.'

'Fantastic Four' Is Far From Fantastic

The reboot of the Marvel superhero franchise features a gritty tone, non-family friendly graphic violence, along with a run-of-the-mill script so-so computer-generated imagery.

Catching Faith

The seemingly perfect Taylor family is thrown into chaos as high school football star son Beau is caught drinking alcohol. When judgmental townspeople turn their backs, the Taylors must find strength in faith and one another to get through the crisis.

Charisma — Empowering believers for life in the Spirit