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The Modern Post

Mars Hill Church's The Modern Post: Grace Alone

A new worship album from Mars Hill Music, which launched earlier this summer, is available today. The Modern Post, led by former Thrice frontman Dustin Kensrue, is pushing against traditional worship music with celebratory and upbeat tunes.

Jesus Culture

Jesus Culture Music: Emerging Voices

Jesus Culture Music is all about drawing people into the presence of God through praise and worship. Does their latest album, Emerging Voices, live up to expectations?

Larry and Tiz Huch

God’s Blessings Breathe Life Into Traditional Families

In an age where the concept of traditional marriages and families is taking a huge hit in the United States and around the globe, Larry and Tiz Huch's Releasing Family Blessings is a must-read. Find out why.

Total Recall, Colin Farrell

'Total Recall': Non-Stop Action, Not Much Depth

The 2012 remake of the 1990 movie has a lot of action, but plot holes leave many unanswered questions. Total Recall is rated PG-13, but with foul language, brutal violence and lewd content, is it appropriate for your teenagers?

Onething LIVE: Magnificent Obsession

The worship leaders and musicians of International House of Prayer of Kansas City, Mo., form a contemporary heavenly brew with their newest worldwide release onething LIVE: Magnificent Obsession. Check out our review.

James Robison

God of All Creation

In James Robison’s newest book, the author, pastor and talk-show host shares the life lessons he’s gleaned from wildlife, including his beloved dachshund, Princess.

Lysa TerKeurst


Every Christian woman wants to walk in the Spirit and avoid ungodly outbursts. In Lysa TerKeurst's new Unglued, she amusingly shares how to do so.

Francis Frangipane

The Days of His Presence

Instead of evoking fear, Francis Frangipane—also founder of River of Life Ministries—instills hope amid tumult.

Dr. James Dobson

Dr. Dobson’s Handbook of Family Advice

Dobson uses stories from his years as a family counselor and radio host to dispense advice on topics such as making family a priority, dealing with financial pressures and forgiveness.

Tenth Avenue North

The Struggle

The group’s third studio project celebrates the grace of God as we stand between His promise of freedom and our struggle to be free.

James McDonald

Vertical Church

James MacDonald says it's time for the church to take its mind off activities and to focus on its relationship with the Creator.


Spiritual Warfare Bible

The Spiritual Warfare Bible

Using the New King James translation, this Bible equips readers to access the power of the Holy Spirit against demonic strongholds and activity.

kids and money

Raising Financially Confident Kids

In an age of financial uncertainty, teaching your children how to be good with money can be very difficult. Finance expert Mary Hunt shows you how.



Israel Houghton

Jesus at the Center

Israel Houghton and New Breed are back with their first live recording in five years.


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