Prosperity: Why Do You Give?


In the prosperity message, we often hear we should give to get or give money to get more money back. Take a moment and think about why you give. Is it based on helping others? Or is it about some teaching on financial prosperity that will help you get rich quick? Let me list some of the reasons why people say they give; these are not in any particular order of importance. Some of them I agree with and others I adamantly do not.

The reason I like the best is simply that they enjoy giving. They know if they give, they will be blessed in one way or another. Even though they realize they may not be blessed financially, these people know God will bless those who bless others. Therefore, my advice to you is to make giving a vital part of your financial plan. When we give, we think of others as being more important than ourselves. Another reason why people say they give comes from them believing God's Word. Some base it on the Word of God telling us that when we give, God will return to us a greater blessing: one that is overflowing, abundant and blessed by God. Everyone of us wants to be blessed financially. But to think that God is the one who ordained the blessing and directed it to come to us gives the assurance that God loves us and wants to prosper us in all things.

Still another reason to give comes from the statement, "I want to make a seed faith offering." That type of offering is based on the premise of planting a seed (gift) and harvesting. They believe that if they plant a small amount of seed, they will receive a small return. Then there are those who believe when they plant generously, the harvest will be generous. I'm sure you can imagine which thought process I like. I believe the greater we give, the greater we will receive.

It's important that I clarify my comments on giving. When we give money, it does not always mean we will receive money in return. However, anytime we give of our finances, God promises to bless us. The blessing may be in the form of good health, a job promotion, children living for God or just living in peace. We can never out-give our God.

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This is where I'd like to give you some reasons why people say they give that I totally disagree with. First is the comment, "If I give money, I will get a large amount of money back." That is not biblically sound and I do not believe our God is pleased with that kind of thinking. Another comment I disagree with is "It will help me get to heaven." Believe it or not, I have heard those exact words from a few Christians. Somewhere along the road these people have been taught incorrectly or they have misinterpreted a message on giving.

Let me end this article on a more positive note. Our God has a plan to prosper His people, but that plan requires obedience to His Word for His plan of action. Every time we decide to spend, invest or give money away, we are deciding what is most important to us. I believe the Lord is not opposed to us having possessions and financial security. However, in addition to spending our money on our needs, wants and desires, we must also give to others in need. When we invest our money in paying tithes or giving offerings, we are investing our substance in eternity. When we give to help any inner-city outreach that leads people to Jesus, our money is invested in eternity. Therefore, when we achieve our reward of eternal life with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I believe we will see our investments in heaven in hundreds, or even thousands, of souls spending eternity with us.

Let me close with this. May you prosper in all things and be in good health, even as your soul prospers.

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David C. Friend was the founder and pastor of North Scottsdale Christian Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. He has served as the president of the Paradise Valley Chamber of Commerce and was chairman of the Grand Canyon University Foundation Board. Before answering God's call and accepting the full-time position as pastor of North Scottsdale Christian, David spent 14 years in banking and owned a real estate development company for 20 years. He taught banking operations at Arizona community colleges. David resides in North Scottsdale with his wife, Sharon, and together they have two married children and six grandchildren. David is an award-winning author, veteran, entrepreneur, pastor, banker and teacher.

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