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How to Define and Measure Success on God's Terms

Peter Greer defied conventional wisdom and created a successful business from an idea that God gave him. Then he had a rude awakening that changed his definition of success.

Larry Tomczak

10 Tips for How to Live Successfully

Larry Tomczak has enjoyed 41 years of fruitful ministry and 37 years of fulfilling marriage. Find out his top 10 life lessons for living successfully.

person sad at work

Why It's So Easy to Misrepresent Christ at Work

Like it or not, people are watching you, even when you're at work. Is your character pointing others to Jesus? Find out how easily it is to misrepresent Christ at work.  

Giving More on Less

13 Ways to Stretch Your Giving

Don't let a bad economy hinder your giving to God. Here's how to expand your offering even in a "recession." 

Marc Nuttle

Fiscal Cliff: How Christians Benefit

As congress meets this week to discuss how to avoid America's debt-induced "fiscal cliff,"  Christian respected economist Marc Nuttle shares how Christians may benefit from the imminent economic disaster.

David Green

The Modest Billionaire

With Hobby Lobby hitting headlines recently because of its lawsuit against the HHS mandate, Charisma wanted to share this article from 2005. It highlights Founder David Green, who believes God has blessed his business so he can share his money with others.

Debt Crisis Solved?

Watch Marc Nuttle explain the solution to America’s debt crisis.

business meeting

Applying God's Word to the Marketplace

Although some are convinced the market has failed, the failure rests on spiritual factors that God's Word reveals to us. Christians in the marketplace have an important role in God’s plan for restoring the social and economic stability so urgently needed.

God's Marketplace Move

God’s Marketplace Move

The rising interest of believers using businesses for kingdom purposes isn’t just an American trend. Around the world God is shaping entire nations through the work of on-fire, Spirit-led marketplace ministers.
Robert Morris

God’s Stimulus Plan

God’s economy is not controlled by today’s financial news. Here’s how you can thrive even in the midst of bank failures and a deepening recession.

Good News in Tough Times

Good News in Tough Times

In a season of layoffs, buyouts and bailouts, God is still blessing His people. These Christian business leaders found a silver lining in the dark clouds of economic uncertainty.

Doing God's Business

Doing God's Business

For a growing number of businesspeople, the marketplace is a platform for ministry.

stressed at work

Defusing 'Desk Rage'

The work environment has become a place of unleashed rage for too many Americans.

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