The Greatest Existential Threat to America

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The greatest threat to the future and prosperity of America is not terrorism, nuclear war with Iran or a conflict with Russia. By far the greatest threat to our nation is the politicized division via partisans in both parties, popular media, radical community activists, and the social scientists that thrive upon dissension.

Jesus said, "a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand" (Matt. 12:25). Because of the work of far-left historical revisionists (who continue to eradicate America's Christian history from school text books), many elite political theorists have been deconstructing the historical values, Constitution and cultural pillars of the USA while constructing another nation based upon the ideology of special interest groups.

As a result, instead of the "United States of America," it can be called "the self-serving interest groups of America"—as the nation has now collapsed into segments of the population pitted against each other with their main qualifier, purpose and identity (in their grasp for a platform, power, and dominion) based upon their ethnicity, gender, sexual preference, victimhood and so on.

Political theorists, politicians, sociologists, cultural anthropologists, academic elites, community activists and mainstream media all play off of this divide—since their appeal to one or more of the aforementioned societal collectives gives them a voice, money and social clout within their base.

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This division is so expansive that it goes much deeper than the "red state," "blue state" divide since it permeates the social construct of everyday life—becoming a bottom-up movement and mindset affecting every aspect of the population seven days a week, not just on election days.

The basis for this vast division and deconstruction can be traced back to the cultural mind molders forsaking our Judeo-Christian heritage (after the church abandoned culture), which left young people more or less in the deep sea of life—without any transcendent sense of purpose and meaning—leaving them to find their sense of purpose in their ethnicity, gender, sexuality or their self-perception as victims, which naturally divides them against "the other" (in other words, those not in their classification or in agreement with their ideology).

Of course, this is contrary to the original vision of America, whose founders had a dream of assimilating diverse people groups who would complement each other in a common quest to provide an opportunity for all to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Consequently, after the nation began to overtly jettison the Christian worldview back in the 1960s (for example, removing prayer from public schools and teaching that our cosmic origin is based on naturalistic evolution instead of intelligent design), our laws and public policy began to shift away from the biblical ethos of monotheistic coherence to a polytheistic view, thus resulting in the (ideological) celebration of multiculturalism with its many gods, views, heroes and narratives, leading to a cacophony of voices and values instead of a national symphonic.

In my view, unless there is a national and generational return back to the God of the Scriptures, our nation will lack the transcendent purpose it needs for longevity and will continue to deconstruct and divide as protagonists pit themselves against each other instead of honoring, complementing and serving each other (irrespective of our differences) as one nation.

Unfortunately, our nation can no longer be described with the ideal "E Pluribus Unum" (out of one, many), but rather "the deconstruction of the one which dilutes the purpose of the many."

May God bring an awakening of faith that will restore our nation's values, vision and purpose.

Dr. Joseph Mattera is an internationally known author, interpreter of culture and activist/theologian whose mission is to influence leaders who influence nations. He is renowned for addressing current events through the lense of Scripture by applying biblical truths and offering cogent defenses to today's postmodern culture. He leads several organizations, including The United Coalition of Apostolic Leaders ( He also has a blog on Charisma News called "The Pulse." To order one of his books or to subscribe to his weekly newsletter go to

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