Charisma Highlights: 'The Harbingers of Things to Come': Explosive Film Available Through Faith Content Network Now Through July 31

Jonathan Cahn
Jonathan Cahn (Charisma News Archives)

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New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Cahn's explosive new motion picture, The Harbingers of Things to Come,was a blockbuster success, topping the charts as one of the top five films viewed across the nation and the third highest per screen average for the two days it was featured in theaters. The first showing alone saw the film rank No. 2 at the box office as the second-highest grossing film nationally. In total, the explosive motion picture saw almost 100,000 people in just two nights and grossed more than $1 million.

After such a triumph at the box office, The Harbingers of Things to Come is now available for hosting at churches, communities, groups and organizations nationwide, through ticketed streaming events from May 13–July 31, 2022 at The Faith Content Network. With a network of nearly 150,000 pastors and church leaders, the Faith Content Network is a collection of churches that present new, faith-driven, theatrical events available in tandem with their exclusive theatrical release.

Cahn dives deeper into the ancient mysteries that lie behind what is happening in America and the world today—and in the future. The film looks at certain symbols and images that reveal the prophetic visions and warnings Cahn has deciphered by studying ancient texts.

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Jonathan Cahn's blockbuster movie The Harbingers of Things to Come comes to one realistic and sobering conclusion for America and its future: "If America falls, it's going to accelerate everything you read about in the Bible."

In a recent interview on Clay Clark's Thrive Time Show, Cahn tells Clark: "We are living in prophetic times, so we have to be a prophetic people. We have to speak to the culture. We are not living in that 'Christian culture' anymore. We have to be radical. We have to be like the prophets.

"With the release of The Harbingers of Things to Come and with America in such a critical hour, I decided it was time to release these images—to reveal them in a way they had never been revealed before," Cahn commented. "So for the first time ever, people will be seeing the images for themselves in movie theaters across America.

The Spirit of the Lord says this day: "A Lazarus moment—a defining moment—is coming to your nation, O America. For the wicked have attempted to put you in a grave and proudly mark it as a trophy of their power. However, I, the Lord thy God, am saying this day—I am decreeing from My throne—that the stone must be rolled away. Yes, there is a stench of corruption, of death, of unbelief. However, I will roll away the stone.

"If you will only believe right now, My children, you shall see the glory of God and the incredible happen in your nation. Do not be like those in the days of Noah who refused to hearken unto the voice of the Lord. Do not think you are safe, you corrupt upon the earth—those who have turned away from the Lord God Elohim. For judgment and deliverance were in the days of Noah, as man had corrupted what I had created and infected the earth with it. And you shall see judgment and deliverance occur in tandem yet again," says the Lord of Hosts this day.

"I am calling America forth out of the dark place it has been—in a tomb, in a place of death and darkness, restrained in the grave clothes. The wicked attempted to control what I the Lord thy God raised up. They did the same in the days of Noah, and they are doing the same now," says the Lord.

Just recently, upon awakening, I heard a voice that I believe was divinely inspired say: "1851 Insurrection."

Immediately, I was struck with the uniqueness and strangeness of that statement—primarily because I was completely unaware of its historical context. Having no knowledge of such an event in the past, I was also oblivious to any possible future application—until I started digging online to find out the meaning of what God had spoken.

When I typed in a Google-search, much to my amazement, I discovered that phrase—"1851 Insurrection"—described an actual happening that took place in France that apparently was used as a symbol of what could possibly happen in the next few years in the United States.

What do you do when prophetic ministry goes wrong? How do you get your peace back and start again when you feel embarrassed and broken? Are there warning signs you can see beforehand and prepare yourself?

Not long ago, I got invited to a presidential ball. It was a grand event with dignitaries, great food, music and all the things that go along with an occasion like that. I felt honored to be invited. Sensing the Lord might have had a reason for me being there, I was open and pliable, listening to the Holy Spirit.

Sure enough, a nudge came, and I was obedient. The recipient gave a neutral response and said thank you, but I wasn't discouraged. After that, things took a nosedive. The night had hardly begun when it started turning into a nightmare. The second prophetic word I delivered was not well received at all.

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