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We Need Godly Character

Your character is what represents you most and if it isn't aligned with God, your path ahead looks murky.

The Great Divider Jesus

We live in divisive times, even among Christians, but there is only One who can lead us through the divide.

People of the Counter-Revolution

In the debate over legalizing abortion, those in this counter-revolution will be standing strong in faith and God's grace.

The Miracle of Yadkin County

As the Supreme Court determines the fate of abortion, one county in North Carolina has taken a stand.

What in the World is Happening?

Unsure of how to live life right now? Look to Daniel for staying God-centered in difficult circumstances.

Giving to Israel Righteously

Giving from the heart is important; knowing it is going to a legitimate organization is also important.

Aim at Heaven

Keep your aim in life focused on God and His teachings and not on what this fallen world seeks.

We Are Being Groomed

The ongoing debates about the COVID-19 vaccine mandate could give hints about another "mark" forced upon us soon.

The Myth of Coexistence

Coexisting sounds like a great idea, if everyone involved believed in it.
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