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Charisma Media Launches Podcast Network

CPN will feature 'Charisma News,' 'The Strang Report,' Jennifer LeClaire's 'Walking in the Spirit' and other programs via smartphones and iPods.

Gay pride

How Has the LGBT Community Changed Cultural Opinion?

In the second of a three-part series, evangelist Rick Joyner explains how the gay agenda has subtly and almost subliminally changed the attitudes of many Christians about what the Word of God says about homosexuality.

Muslim in mosque

Can You Imagine a Muslim Same-Sex Wedding?

Now that the Supreme Court has handed down its ruling, Islamic mosques could logically be subject to the same potential marriage laws as Christian churches.

In any form, pornography devastates relationships and lives.

5 Ways Pornography Devastates Lives

A Florida pastor's wife shows us how pornography brings abnormal and destructive behavior into the lives of those that participate.

Teen Girls Spread Hope For Peers Through Online Magazine

As fashion magazines pile up, it seems like a girl's self-esteem slips down the slopes. The endless comparisons fuel disappointment, breeding dissatisfaction with their bodies, relationships, friends, parents—you name it.

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