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Teen Girls Spread Hope For Peers Through Online Magazine

As fashion magazines pile up, it seems like a girl's self-esteem slips down the slopes. The endless comparisons fuel disappointment, breeding dissatisfaction with their bodies, relationships, friends, parents—you name it.

Christian Bale

Is Hollywood Following the Script?

As recent controversies over the theological soundness of Noah, Exodus: Gods and Kings and other films have demonstrated, Hollywood isn't exactly mimicking the Bible.

Roma Downey and Mark Burnett

Hollywood, Jesus & The Holy Spirit

Will Hollywood help Christianity make a comeback, regain its influence in culture and inspire another spiritual awakening?

Why World Vision Changed Its Mind On Hiring Gays

The $1 billion charity stunned the evangelical world a year ago when it announced it would hire gay Christians in same-sex marriages. Is this its latest move "to the left" and should you still support them?

Former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner

An Appeal to Bruce Jenner

The former Olympian has recently come out as "transitioning to a woman," but Matt Barber pleads with him to consider the outcomes. 

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