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Dr. Ben Carson on CBN TV.

WATCH: Ben Carson on How to Actually Save America

Noted on both sides of the aisle for his common sense and incredible tact, Dr. Ben Carson is considering running for president. Will he? He seems open... "I will not be Jonah and run away."

Todd Starnes

Todd Starnes: The Truth About America

As a Fox News commentator covering the culture wars in America, Todd Starnes is on the front lines of today's attacks against traditional values. Find out some of the most unbelievable stories he's unveiled to date.

Donald Trump

How Do We Find Unity in a Divisive Society?

In our homes, businesses and statehouses, we have lost the ability to have an honest disagreement, to reason together and to find a solution and spirit of agreement.

Mark Crow

Megachurch Founder Admits Infidelity, Resigns

The Rev. Mark Crow, founder of the multisite Victory Church in Oklahoma, resigned Tuesday “after confessing to marital unfaithfulness,” says Executive Pastor Dale Swanson.

Modern Family?

With same-sex marriage and no-fault divorce eroding today’s family unit like never before, believers are the only hope for modeling what God intended

The Great Gay Deception

Many believers have unwittingly become pawns for the powerful gay agenda. How can the church respond in truth and love to one of this era’s greatest battles?

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