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Ron and Hope Carpenter

Ron Carpenter: My Wife Does Not Need Your Wrath

After revealing his wife's inappropriate relationships at Redemption World Outreach Center on Sunday, Pastor Ron Carpenter Jr. told the church what she needs in this hour of crisis.

Matt Barber

Change Your Species, Race? Why Not?

Gone are the days of checking "male or female" on a questionnaire. Will we one day face questions that go even further, in the name of being progressive?

Ellen DeGeneres

Are Gay Rights the New Black Civil Rights?

The cover of the Dec. 16, 2008, issue of The Advocate, the flagship gay publication, proclaimed boldly, “Gay Is the New Black,” stating that this is “The Last Great Civil Rights Struggle.”

'Grand Theft Auto V'

'Grand Theft Auto' as a Reflection on the State of the Nation

Despite the Navy Yard massacre Monday, the new Grand Theft Auto V is expected to generate $1 billion in sales in its first month. Michael Brown explains what this means for our society—and how else you can spend your time.

Scott Mackintosh

Father Wears Short Shorts to Teach Modesty

In an effort to teach his college-aged daughter modesty, Scott Mackintosh decided to wear short shorts to illustrate how inappropriate and ridiculous they can look. How far would you go to teach modesty?

Kindergartner Told She Cannot Write About God

A kindergartner was told she cannot write about God for a school assignment. The accepted alternative? Michael Jackson. Her mother is furious. Watch the video to see more.

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