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9 Reasons God Wants to Do Miracles Through Teenagers

There is no junior Holy Spirit. Teenagers don't get a "less than" power because of their age. Share these 9 reasons with the teenagers in your life!

3 Ways to Volunteer

Want to bring a greater support system to the foster and adoptive families in your church? Here’s how to help people get started.

A Place to Change a Life

Royal Family Kids camps and clubs bring fun, support and hope to kids and adults alike

stressed-out mom with kids

When You're Overwhelmed by Your Kids

Author T.D. Jakes tells single parents not to despair. God has chosen you, Jakes says, to form the next generation's character.


Protecting Your Child From Bad Dreams

What should you do when your child has a nightmare? Find out how you can protect your child from the demonic realm that may try to gain access through dreams. 

Joel Hunter

How Gender Wars Affect Your Marriage

Both men and women are giving up on commitment to one another, let alone an ideal marriage. What can we do to reverse this growing trend?

Why You Should Make A Covenant With Your Eyes

There’s a difference between resolving to walk in purity and making a covenant with God to do so. Here’s how that difference can bring victory over sexual temptation and change your life.

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Are Your Kids Being Deceived by Gay Propaganda?

As we sit and watch TV, all we see is the homosexual community taking over the airwaves. How can we, as Christians, get our message out that we can be transformed through the power of Jesus Christ?


James Dobson: How to Deal With a Prodigal Child

It is my belief that more people become disillusioned with God over the waywardness of a son or daughter than any other issue. James Dobson shares how to deal with a prodigal child. 

Jimmy Evans

How to Start a Marriage Revolution

The marriage revolution must begin now! To ensure victory, as church leaders we need to focus our thoughts and efforts on these three things.

6 Principles of Provocative Parenting

Bill Beausay shares the lesson a drug dealer taught him about connecting with teenagers. These six principles will put you back in the driver's seat with your child.

How to Navigate Your Teen Toward Purity

We live in a sex-saturated culture, and today's Christian teenagers are soaking in it. Here's how you can navigate them toward purity.


A Special Gift

While leading one of the fastest-growing churches in the nation, Jeremy and Jen DeWeerdt were forced to re-evaluate their lives when their son was born with Down syndrome. What they discovered has since changed their community.


How to War for Your Children

Raising kids is a battle of faith—especially if they have wandered from God. Here's how to do it God's way. 



Let the Spiritual Mothers Arise

In light of Mother’s Day this month, Peter Bertolero explains why the flame of spiritual motherhood must be ignited among mothers in the body of Christ.

Stop Judging Your Child

We must be careful not to pass judgment upon our children. God is the judge. Learn to separate the sin from the child without condoning the sin.

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