Take Inches Off Your Belly

Want to take inches off your belly?

Here are some tips to get you started.


D:How can I burn off the fat from my waistline?

A:Spot reduction is impossible from the standpoint of successfully reducing only one area of your body at a time. But you can be successful at reducing one area, such as your waist, faster than another area of your body.

Let's look at a couple of key components. I like to refer to these two components as the fitness twins: diet and exercise.

Diet has two elements that are directly linked to either causing your waistline to increase or decrease in size: (1) the time of day you choose to eat and (2) the type of calories you ingest.

To reduce your waistline, it is ideal that you consume most of your calories during the most active parts of your day. Your body has an easier time metabolizing your caloric intake during those times.

The other element of diet has to do with the kind of calories you consume. In other words, where are most of your calories coming from: carbohydrates, fats or proteins?

If you want to reduce your waistline (or overall body fat) then you need to reduce your intake of carbohydrates and dietary fat and eat a high-protein diet throughout the day. Carbohydrates when not burned up, even though they might be fat free, will contribute to fat gain around your waist.

The other twin is exercise. Aerobic exercising will allow your body to utilize more body fat. Add this to strength training, and you should create metabolic momentum to burn off those love handles!

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