How Does Your Body React to Gluten?

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From my experience, individuals who have a diet focused on gluten-based grains have more inflammation in their body, pain syndromes, mineral deficiencies and allergies. Diets heavy with grains tend to have altered enzyme and metabolic pathways and skewed fat metabolism. The metabolic pathways are interrupted because minerals and vitamins are often depleted with the refining of grains; these minerals act as co-factors.

Think of co-factors as the special ingredient you may use in one of your favorite recipes. A pinch of this or a pinch of that special seasoning, when absent, impacts the essence of the dishes you are creating. Your body requires a variety of factors to complete the process of optimal function. Many people today who have chronic health challenges believe they are choosing the right food groups, but in essence they are eating exactly the opposite of what is needed.

The processing of food not only destroys the living portion of food, but there are other issues to consider. Pain and inflammation are aggravated by the fact that current hybrid seed technology has changed the way seeds react to normal human cell function.

You cannot give the human body food created from seeds that have been tampered with and expect not to have a reaction. Due to the consumption of processed foods, I have observed reactions and common health problems in individuals, including major constant pain syndromes, sinus issues and skin challenges.

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Individuals tend to have a misconception as to how food impacts one’s health as they push for a plant-based diet. I agree we should be eating more plant-based food versus the potential toxins from seafood and animal-based products. However, the challenge is that many people have become addicted to sweet pastries, breads and pastas.

Comfort foods are often grain-based—wheat, rye, barley and oat have been highlighted as healthy “whole grains,” but contrary to this media push tend to create potential digestive, nervous system and cardiovascular system distress.

I have recently become aware of the term “cross reactivity,” which refers to other food groups beside the obvious ones containing gluten (rye, wheat, oat and barley) that can create distress. Cross reactivity is a term given to the food groups that cause irritating body signals when someone already has a known or suspected gluten sensitivity.

The most common two foods that can cause cross reactivity distress include coffee and dairy products. Cross reactivity can be precipitated by a list of foods; I know the challenge is more than the common foods you may have heard of, such as corn, peanuts and soy. The foods that you eat on a regular basis may be the factor for you. The type of foods that impact you are based on the fact that you have digestive distress and a “leaky gut” syndrome based on the altered physiology in your intestines.

So what are you to do? Consider refocusing on foods that are green and create a three-month green food plan. Avoid starchy vegetables and fruits and focus on greens—kale, collard greens, swiss chard, asparagus, romaine lettuce, radishes, celery, onions and other vegetables that are not starch-based. Go gluten-free for a month; however, avoid foods that say “gluten free” on the label and focus on foods that do not have gluten in them naturally.

Dr. Robert DeMaria is a catalyst for health and well-being. As owner of the Drugless Doctor brands, Dr. Bob’s techniques have restored optimal health to thousands of patients without the need for prescription medication. His research and daily experiences can be seen throughout his seven books, including the best-seller Dr. Bob’s Drugless Guide to Balancing Female Hormones. Dr. Bob has consulted for FedEx, VitaMix and other national brands and has appeared on multiple media portals, including ABC Family, TBN, Fox 8 Cleveland, and WFAN NYC.

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