The Key to Ending an Unhealthy Lifestyle

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"Though one may be overpowered by another, two can withstand him. And a threefold cord is not quickly broken" (Eccl. 4:12). 

One of the critical keys to your success will be creating a support system around yourself to help and encourage you in your quest. Do you have any family members or friends who are also living a healthy lifestyle? If not, then you will need to find some traveling companions. You might find other health-conscious people on a walking trail, a gym or even some online fitness sites. Having the right support system will not only provide encouragement when the going gets challenging (which it will when your old habits come knocking), but you will also have accountability.

Accountability is a means to take responsibility for the choices you are making. It can also include informing others about how things are going with your plan. That will put positive pressure on you to stay the course.

A word of caution: When I was seeking to change, I discovered the friends in the same shape as I was could not help me. All too often, if they suggested not exercising that day or going to eat at a place where our favorite tempting foods were served, I was only too happy to say “just this one time” and agree to it.

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Before I knew it, we had all abandoned our health goals, only to complain again months later about how unhappy we were about being out of shape. This cycle continued for years. 

However, after I had my chest pain, I was super-motivated to conquer this issue in my life once and for all. I wrote down tactics that seemed to work for me in the past and what didn’t. I also ended up partnering with a co-worker who was in great shape who offered me practical advice and encouragement.

Your biggest source of help is your relationship with God. Just as soldiers have generals to order their steps, so you need God to order your steps. God can give you access to uncommon wisdom to help you handle life's challenges. If you have had challenges in the past in dealing with your weight, then this might be the missing ingredient. Pray faithfully, act diligently, and watch your circumstances change for the better.

Promise yourself that you will never quit. If you do that, then minor stumbles won't shake you because you will know you will get right back on track. And that is the attitude that makes a winner! 

Physical Freedom Assignment

Answer the following question: Who in your circle can support you during this journey?

Ideally, it should be someone who already practices a fit, healthy lifestyle. If you don't know anyone, then use a search engine to locate online fitness and health groups to join.

Kimberly Taylor is the author of The Weight Loss Scriptures and many other books. Once 240 pounds and a size 22, she can testify of God’s goodness and healing power. Visit and receive more free health and weight-loss tips.

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