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With New Year’s resolutions all the rage this time of year, David Herzog’s new health book, Jumpstart, which is being published by Charisma House this month, is poised to do for healthy living what The Harbinger did for prophetic understanding: bridging the natural to the supernatural.

Jumpstart is like a prophetic manual that uses ancient wisdom to deliver the “secrets” for a person’s own revelation of health and well-being. It paints a future of healthier, happier, spiritually transformed people able to fulfill their destinies while shaking off the sluggishness of an aging body.  

This Herzog book provides practical advice and a wealth of information about healthier living, including weight loss, anti-aging, emotional renewal, cleansing the body of harmful toxins and tapping into the deeper spiritual source of the Holy Spirit.

“It is possible to eat in such a way or to abstain from food for a season and go from natural to a supernatural state very quickly,” says Herzog, who is a Spirit-filled author, health consultant, conference speaker and evangelist. “And this enables you to access the supernatural world much easier.”

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Herzog points to Daniel in the Bible as a prime example of someone who demonstrated a higher power source than others by knowing the power and benefits of eating high-energy super-foods combined with prayer.  

“My new book Jumpstart is meant to get people on a journey to rediscover the beauty and healing life of eating and living more in a way that’s connected with how we are meant to live, as Daniel and others did in ancient times.”

Jumpstart lays out a map for how people can regain youthfulness and get a leaner body which in itself can add years to one’s lifespan and bypass many modern sicknesses as well as a gain new mental outlook on life and create a stress-free, carefree standard of living through spiritual breakthrough.

“Many spiritual giants had certain lifestyle differences in their food choices,” says Herzog. “They had connection to the outdoors and nature, quiet times to connect with the Creator and other patterns that we see again and again as they were driven to a non-toxic life in the natural, leading to a supernatural life or, vice versa, a spiritual life that leads them to a healthier natural life.”

Written in an easy-to-read style, Herzog’s book is a combination of the latest scientific information about food, cleansing, exercise, anti-aging and natural, raw, organic health, mixed with prophetic revelations about how spiritual dimensions affect a person’s health. “I have given it all to you in one book that can get the reader started right away,” adds Herzog.

“Once you have removed years of undesired toxins and waste in your body, you feel cleaner and more focused as well as less groggy and you become a channel to receive immense levels of God’s strength, energy, joy and peace,” according to Herzog, who sees a connection and synergy when the body, mind and spirit are all functioning together at their highest peak level in God which was His original intent.

The book also up-ends myths about health fads and sets the record straight on what does and doesn’t boost faster metabolism, sharper minds and more peaceful, durable spirits. It distills biblical wisdom about health into bite-size nuggets for Christians in the 21st century.

This health book presents the power and wisdom of the Holy Spirit in a way that connects with daily living and leaves everyone who reads it more knowledgeable about what the author calls “total health,” including knowing the Creator through His Son that brings total cleansing and eternal health.

In support of the unveiling of his new book from Charisma House, Herzog is conducting a health conference with the well-known “Juice Lady” Cheri Calbom in Sedona, Ariz., in January. (  

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