What You Need to Know About Your God-Given Energy Stores

Imagine having that same kind of feeling every day without fasting, yet eating in such a way that you are always on a natural "high" because of changing what you eat. (Pexels)

Many of the ancients lived off of the food that grew in the soil, untouched by modern-day food processing, genetically modified crops and other so-called advances. Yet these "unenlightened" people seemed to possess supernatural bodies and lifestyles. Contemporary food systems have deprived millions of people today of the euphoric feeling of healthy eating. In its place, mankind has created a multitude of new, previously unknown illnesses and diseases.

Remember, what you eat will determine your quality of life on earth, your mental and emotional state and your spiritual well-being. Your body is a tool needing proper care and feeding to enable you to achieve maximum potential in every area of life. A correct diet that includes super foods gives you an edge over most other people. When you give your body these super foods, they propel your mind, body, emotions and spiritual life to new highs that you never could have achieved eating the standard Western, fat- and sugar-laden, carbohydrate-overloaded, meat-heavy diet.

When people fast for a season, they report having euphoric feelings, clear minds and improved concentration. Sensing an enhanced connection with the spiritual world, they receive fresh and creative inspirations, ideas and direction. This is because they temporarily cleanse their bodies from many of the harmful substances in modern foods. With nothing bad coming in, they detox during their fast and resurrect their spiritual senses. They don't deplete their energy digesting foods that overload the organs. Instead, they are connected to higher planes of thinking, feeling and being. Once blockages are removed, their minds unclog. This allows them to think more creatively as their emotions come into balance and they feel much better physically—as if they can soar like an eagle during their fast.

Imagine having that same kind of feeling every day without fasting yet eating in such a way that you are always on a natural "high" because of changing what you eat. With this new lifestyle, you can go from a natural to a supernatural being in a remarkably short time. You will find it much easier to achieve your lifelong goals and dreams because your mind, body, will, emotions and spirit are congruently connected. All help you reach for your goals, with each enabling the other to progress.

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Dead and Destructive Foods

If you hope to walk the path to total health, one of the foods you should stop eating right away is pasteurized dairy products of any kind, including regular pasteurized milk, yogurt and cheese (though raw is fine). The reason is that the pasteurization process destroys all the enzymes and nutrients in dairy products, leaving nothing but digestive and other complications.

Other destructive foods, starting with the most detrimental, are nonorganic, farm-raised animal flesh; organic and/or grass-fed pork, shrimp and lobster (all are bottom-feeders); and nonorganic and non-free-roaming (hormone-infested) cow meat (beef), chicken, lamb, game and farm-raised fish (wild fish is the best choice).

These dead foods are filled with hormones and steroids that stay in the meats and, consequently, enter your bloodstream. For example, pork is the worst because it literally clogs up your arteries more than any other meat. It also contains the highest number of parasites and is not necessarily designed for human consumption.

When everything in your body starts to slow down, it blocks the absorption of nutrients, which causes many other problems over the long haul. Proceeding at your own pace, strive to eliminate most meats while adding more high-energy foods. Your goal is to eliminate destructive food from your diet as soon as possible.

Clean and Easily Digestible Foods

Foods that your body can digest quickly are the best—namely, more raw, organic food. Raw plants and raw fruits are the easiest to digest. They do not stay in your system but work to get in and get out as fast as possible.

Once you have started a cleansing regimen with a combination of colonics and other cleansing tools, it would be crazy to go back to a normal diet and get clogged up again.

Often when you think you are craving meat, you are actually craving healthy fats, like avocado. Try making an avocado salad and notice how your meat cravings will drastically diminish, especially in the evening.

You see where I am going with this? Any changes you start to make with the goal of going between at least 50 percent raw food, on up to 80 percent, will make a dramatic impact on your life and health!

As you cleanse your body, you will unleash all that extra energy you have been using maintaining a clogged system. With a more rested body, you can tap into the creative side of your brain and find fresh ideas. When you are weighed down by dead food, it clouds your thoughts, making it tougher to focus your thoughts. With a clear mind, you can act as a receiver of ideas, innovations, inventions and projects that were there all along.

But you could not grasp them until you jumped from natural to supernatural health.

This article is an excerpt from Jumpstart! by David Herzog. Copyright 2014 by David Herzog.

David Herzog is the president of Sedona Naturals LLC and DHM. A motivational speaker, life coach, health business owner and nutrition coach, he is also the author of several best-selling books. He and his wife, Stephanie, live in Sedona, Arizona, and he can often be seen appearing on numerous television interviews and co-hosting television shows.

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