Frontline Physician Stella Immanuel: 'I Maintain That There Is a Cure for COVID'

Dr. Stella Immanuel
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Editor's Note: This is the first of a two-part series. Watch for part two soon on Charisma News.

Over the past 10 days, Dr. Stella Immanuel's life has turned upside down. A video in which she and other physicians appeared went viral, receiving millions of views before social media giants Facebook, Twitter and YouTube removed and blocked it multiple times. Facebook canceled her personal page. And her own website received so many hits that it too shut down.

The furor arose because Immanuel, a primary care and emergency room physician, has become a powerful advocate for a hydroxychloroquine protocol she says will cure—not merely treat—COVID-19. But Immanuel, also a deliverance minister who calls herself "God's battle ax," says her fight is against much more than the coronavirus. In a recent podcast interview with Charisma Media founder and CEO Steve Strang, she gave insight into the powerful enemies she faces in both natural and spiritual realms.

'We Treat Them and They Get Well'

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Immanuel now says she has treated more than 500 patients with a hydroxychloroquine protocol. The result? "Everybody's alive. I mean, we treat them and they get well," she says. Unlike many other COVID-19 patients whose symptoms come and go, hers "don't get waxing and waning symptoms. They get well," Immanuel says. That's why she joined a group led by Dr. Simone Gold that calls itself "Frontline Doctors" and came together to make the viral video, she says.

After they follow her prescribed protocol, Immanuel's patients also test negative for the virus. "It clears the virus out of their system. It clears the symptoms out of the system," she says. "And that is why I call it a cure.

"People get all crazy: 'You cannot say it's a cure; there's no cure for COVID,'" Immanuel says. "I maintain that there is a cure for COVID. It is hydroxychloroquine; it is zinc and Zithromax. I do not understand why they want Americans to die when it's an effective treatment for COVID. "

Immanuel points out that although hydroxychloroquine has faced intense opposition in the U.S., other countries have had great success in using it to counter the coronavirus. "Their death toll is very low. Turkey brought down their death toll because of that, and India and many other countries."

'It's Safer Than Tylenol'

But Immanuel's first exposure to this wonder-working drug had nothing to do with the pandemic. A Cameroon native who went to medical school in Nigeria, she has treated many malaria patients with the "-quine" drugs. "We grew up taking this medicine," she says. "I've been in the U.S. for 30 years now. Even when I travel back home, we take these medicines to prevent malaria, and we give them to other people who are traveling back home." She adds that a number of people with conditions such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis "take this medication daily for years."

COVID-19, Immanuel adds, "was seeded into Nigeria at the same time it came to America. Chinese people left Wuhan and came to America; some left Wuhan and went to Nigeria. So COVID entered Nigeria around the same time [it entered the U.S.] It would have spread through that country like wildfire. But why didn't it happen? We can go back and introspectively look at it. When these people left China to come to Nigeria, they were all advised to take antimalarials, because where you live, anywhere going to sub-Saharan countries, they ask you to take an antimalarial."

Those antimalarials were -quine drugs, Immanuel says, that are "very potent against COVID. So those COVIDs were killed in their system before they could spread through the county. If you notice, most countries that are malaria endemic that are taking those -quines, their COVID deaths are not that high," she says.

And so when Immanuel heard from a fellow physician about hydroxychloroquine's use in treating COVID-19, "I was extremely excited." At Rehoboth Medical Center, the clinic she owns in Houston, "We started using it, and the results were dramatic," she says. "Where patients came in with COVID symptoms, if they came within the first two, three days, the results were so dramatic that it got better in 24-48 hours. So we started using [hydroxychloroquine], and then with zinc and then with vitamin C and Zithromax."

As more protocols came in, Immanuel says, she did more research and found an article from several years ago that showed "hydroxychloroquine was a potent inhibitor of SARS COVID. Because COVID is a group of viruses. ... they actually act the same way. So, it made sense that if it inhibited viral replication, it stopped viral uptake, it opened the zinc channels so that zinc could get into the cell. It only made sense ... And of course, we started using it and it worked. It was amazing.

"Then came the attacks, the backlash, and people started [saying], 'No, the drug doesn't work,'" Immanuel says. "At some point, it was even hard to convince our patients to take the medication. Because all [the officials] said was, 'This medication is dangerous. It can kill you. It can stop your heart.'

"I said, 'No, this is a safe medication. It's been around for 60-70 years. It's very safe. It's safer than Tylenol," Immanuel says.

'Make This Medication Over the Counter'

Although President Trump's apparent championing of the drug has brought repeated opposition, Immanuel says the battle goes "a little deeper than that." When the president first mentioned hydroxychloroquine, she says, the drug company "Gilead, that is making remdesivir, that week lost billions of dollars." Right now, remdesivir is the only drug that has received emergency FDA authorization to fight COVID-19.

The fight against hydroxychloroquine, Immanuel says, "was an orchestrated thing by [Dr.] Anthony Fauci and all the supreme powers to bash this medication, because nobody makes money off a cheap generic drug, so that they can bring serious medications that are going to cost people thousands of dollars, and so they can promote the vaccine agenda."

Immanuel agrees with many others that when it comes to hydroxychloroquine, "the Democrats are just opportunistic on this. But this is way deeper than even Democrats, and most of them don't realize it. That's why I tell Americans, don't let our political factions and our political division allow these diabolic, sinister people to kill us ... The main issue is there are people who want to make money, and want to destroy people, that want to control population, and that is the diabolical part behind this thing. And we know, and they know that we know."

And Immanuel has a word for the president too. "President Trump, give an executive order. Make this medication over the counter," she says. "In America, everybody has the right to try. ... People are driving three hours to come to my clinic just to get this medication because their doctors will not prescribe it because a lot of doctors are scared.

"Some of them are also part of the gang of people who don't care, who are more interested in Donald Trump losing an election than Americans being healthy. And I tell them all the time, 'It doesn't matter whether you're Democrat or you're Republican; COVID doesn't know your name. It doesn't know your color. It will get you,'" she says.

Immanuel has treated many patients in various high-risk categories and they have all recovered, she says. "My oldest patient was a 92-year-old diabetic, and the person is alive." She wants to offer hope.

"People are hungry for something. People are tired. People are scared. ... They have put the whole country, the whole world, on the fear of this virus that can be stopped in its tracks with hydroxychloroquine. I tell people all the time, 'They should release this medicine. It will stop this virus in its tracks.'"

To hear the complete interview with Dr. Stella Immanuel about her battle for hope, health and truth, listen to the entire podcast at this link, and be sure to share with your friends and family members. To learn more about the deep spiritual forces involved in this battle, watch for part two of this series on Charisma News.

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