Naturopathic Doctor: The Genetics of a Godly Diet


Dr. Michele and I are experts in the field of nutrigenomics. We realize that sounds like a complicated and difficult to comprehend science, which undoubtedly it is.

We've studied many long hours to conceptually understand human genetics and its relationship with nutrition and environmental influence. Trust me, our studies continue to this day and will continue for the rest of our lives.

With that said, there is one factor that still literally blows our minds—human genetics have only evolved roughly 2% in the last 10,000 years. To put that into perspective: That is 1,000 decades and 100 centuries. Now that's a long time!

How does this relate to Scripture? Well let's go back to the time of Noah, which likely fits into this genetic timeframe in which we are referring. Here's our passage:

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"Then God blessed Noah and his sons and said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth. Every beast of the earth and every bird of the sky and all that moves on the earth and all the fish of the sea will fear you and be terrified of you. They are given into your hand. Every moving thing that lives will be food for you. I give you everything, just as I gave you the green plant'" (Gen. 9:1-3).

After the flood, when Noah's ark landed on the mountain, Noah exited the ark and received specific instructions from God. We point out in these instructions that God clearly gave authority to Noah over creatures of the earth, birds of the air and plants on the ground, with the clear guidelines—these will all be food for you to eat. Noah was neither encouraged to be a vegetarian nor was he encouraged to eat only meat. He was simply told to eat all these things that God had made and created for him.

Here's the point: if we have predominately the same genes that Noah had when he was given these instructions, and we know these genes are crafted for each of us by the personal hand of God, then these must be foods for us to eat to sustain the life of our bodies.

Keep in mind, food is instruction with information that makes our genes respond and express themselves. I won't get into the biochemistry and physiology as it is too complicated. Just know that food contains vital vitamins and minerals for optimal bodily function. Without these necessary elements, our body is destined to try to survive and run in a nutrient deficient environment.

So, let's do a little honest thinking. At the time in which Noah landed the ark, were there Twinkies, Ding Dongs, doughnuts, pizza and soda? Of course not!

They were not foods designed by God at that time, nor are they now. They are simply the world's substitutes for what God made. Moreover, they are personally handcrafted by our enemy to destroy our bodies, cause our genes to express inappropriately and bring us disease processes.

This blog does take deep introspection. Please know it is written in love and designed to inspire a better understanding of God and His creation.

We ask you to ask God to clarify His unique design of all of our lives and give us clear instructions on how we all are to manage and care for the God-crafted personal vehicle and temple that is called the human body.

Mark Sherwood, naturopathic doctor (ND), is on a mission to help you achieve wellness in every area of your life. Dr. Mark and his wife, Michele L. Neil-Sherwood, DO, have a successful medical practice, the Functional Medical Institute; have a television and radio program; and provide resources, including their Amazon bestseller, The Quest for Wellness; nutrition plans; fitness instructional videos and helpful mental and emotional steps to provide relief from stress and to help people form better habits so they can live well.

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